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VMware Brings Flexibility to Virtual Server Licensing

Of all the news in VMware's vSphere-related announcements this week, the one item that may have the biggest long-term customer impact is VMware's move to per-VM licensing for vCenter management products.

  • Premiered: 07/13/10
  • Author: Jeff Byrne
Topic(s): Licensing Server Virtualization virtual machines VMWare
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IT Managers and Virtualization: Plagued by Insecurity?

Are IT professionals themselves becoming insecure about the security of their virtual infrastructures? Is all of this media attention justified? We believe the answers to these two questions, respectively, are "a little bit" and "yes".

  • Premiered: 11/11/08
  • Author: Jeff Byrne
Topic(s): Security Server Virtualization virtual infrastructures virtual machines

Doubling VM Density with HP 3PAR Storage

This paper examines HP 3PAR Utility Storage and describes how the solution overcomes typical virtual infrastructure storage issues, enabling customers to increase VM density by at least two-fold as a result.

Publish date: 03/06/12

Nimble Storage: A Proven VDI Storage Solution

This paper examines Nimble Storage VDI storage solution, based on the company’s rich and highly differentiated CASL architecture. The profile outlines three fundamental advantages that enable Nimble to provide a highly valuable, storage solution for VDI environments.

Publish date: 03/21/12

HP StoreOnce Boldly Goes Where No Deduplication Has Gone Before

Deduplication is a foundational technology for efficient backup and recovery. Vendors may argue over product features – where to dedupe, how much capacity savings, how fast are its backup speeds -- but everyone knows how central dedupe is to backup success.

However, serious pressures are forcing changes to the backup infrastructure and dedupe technologies. Explosive data growth is changing the whole market landscape as IT struggles with bloated backup windows, higher storage expenses, and increased management overhead. These pain points are driving real progress: replacing backup silos with expanded data protection platforms. These comprehensive systems backup from multiple sources to distributed storage targets, with single console management for increased control.

Dedupe is a critical factor in this scenario, but not in its conventional form as a point solution. Traditional dedupe, or Dedupe 1.0 as it is sometimes referred to, is suited to backup silos. Moving deduped data outside the system requires rehydrating, which impacts performance and capacity between the data center, ROBO, DR sites and the cloud. Dedupe must expand its feature set in order to serve next generation backup platforms.

A few vendors have introduced new dedupe technologies but most of them are still tied to specific physical backup storage systems and appliances. Of course there is nothing wrong with leveraging hardware and software to increase sales, but storage system-specific dedupe means that data must rehydrate whenever it moves beyond the system. This leaves the business with all the performance and capacity disadvantages the infrastructure had before.

 Federating dedupe across systems goes a long way to solve that problem. HP StoreOnce extends consistent dedupe across the infrastructure. Only HP implements the same deduplication technology in four places: target appliance, backup/media server, application source and virtual machine. This enables data to move freely between physical and virtual platforms and source and target machines without the need to rehydrate.

 This paper will describe the challenges of data protection in the face of huge data growth, why dedupe is critical to meeting the challenges, how HP is achieving its vision of federated dedupe with StoreOnce –- and what HP’s StoreOnce VSA announcement and achievement means to backup service providers, enterprise ROBO, and SMB customers. 

Publish date: 06/20/13