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The Need for Speed: EMC Atmos and Sumatra

We’re not picking on EMC; everyone with a cloud offering for active data struggles with the same issues.

  • Premiered: 05/29/12
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): EMC Atmos Sumatra Cloud object Storage
news / Blog

Dell DX Object Storage + RainStor for Big Data

Dell is going after the big data market in a big way with its DX Object Storage Platform and partner RainStor’s big data repository.

  • Premiered: 08/10/12
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): Dell DX object RainStor Big Data analytics

HP adds 3PAR StoreServ 7000 for midrange, file and object storage

Hewlett-Packard (HP) Co. today launched two lower-end midrange 3PAR storage arrays and a new big data and archiving platform in hopes of reversing its declining storage sales.

  • Premiered: 12/03/12
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: TechTarget: SearchStorage.com
Topic(s): TBA HP TBA 3PAR TBA StoreServ 7000 TBA File TBA object TBA Storage TBA Arun Taneja

The Object Evolution: EMC Object-based storage for active archiving and application development

Cloud-based object architecture offers big benefits for storing unstructured data for active archiving, global access to data, fast application development and much lower cost compared to the high computing and data protection costs of on-premise NAS. EMC has engineered Atmos to provide these capabilities and many more as a massively scalable, distributed cloud-based system. In this Technology in Brief we will examine the fast-changing world of archiving and development on the web, and how object-based storage is the best way to go for these monumental tasks.

Publish date: 12/20/12

The Power of Distributed Object Storage

Several years ago, Taneja Group predicted the inevitable emergence of what we called "cloud-based storage." Today, this technology is behind most cloud offerings for unstructured data, whether public or private. We defined cloud-based storage as the highly scalable, RESTful API accessible, object-based technology that is no longer just an Amazon S3 offering, but is served up by all manner of product vendors and providers.

  • Premiered: 01/09/13
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: InfoStor.com
Topic(s): TBA object TBA Storage TBA Jeff Boles TBA API TBA Cloud TBA Data Management TBA Accessibility

Object Trumps File for Cloud Storage

I've actually grown a bit tired of the file vs. object storage debate. The fact is traditional NAS storage vendors have a tremendous advantage in the marketplace when it comes to competing against object storage systems. NAS doesn't have to be explained.

  • Premiered: 01/09/13
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: EMC ATMOS by George Hamilton
Topic(s): TBA EMC TBA Atmos TBA NAS TBA object TBA File TBA Storage TBA Cloud TBA George Hamilton

Are You Making Money With Your Object Storage?

Object storage has long been pigeon-holed as a necessary overhead expense for long-term archive storage—a data purgatory one step before tape or deletion. We have seen many IT shops view object storage as something exotic they have to implement to meet government regulations rather than as a competitive strategic asset that can help their businesses make money.

  • Premiered: 01/31/13
  • Author: Mike Matchett
  • Published: Infostor.com
Topic(s): TBA object TBA Storage TBA Mike Matchett TBA Archiving TBA Cloud TBA EMC TBA Dell TBA Content Addressable Storage TBA CAS TBA Atmos TBA Amazon TBA S3 TBA Dropbox

Enterprise Storage Options

Local, Shared, Cloud-Based, & Beyond.

  • Premiered: 03/04/13
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: PCToday.com
Topic(s): TBA object TBA convergence TBA Enterprise TBA Storage TBA Mike Matchett TBA Local TBA Shared TBA Cloud

New scale-out NexentaEdge storage supports object, block

Nexenta's new scale-out object storage product supports object and block services and inline deduplication across a petabyte-scale cluster.

  • Premiered: 05/18/15
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: TechTarget: Search Storage
Topic(s): TBA Nexenta TBA NexentaEdge TBA scale-out TBA Storage TBA cluster TBA object TBA Block TBA Inline TBA Deduplication TBA OpenStack TBA Amazon S3 TBA Amazon TBA EMC TBA IBM TBA NetApp TBA Cleversafe TBA Caringo TBA Exablox TBA Scality TBA Ceph TBA Red Hat TBA ZFS TBA API TBA iSCSI TBA object storage TBA Jeff Byrne

Object-file system combo rapidly expands

Object-based storage adoption took longer than expected, so object vendors have added file systems to their products to make them look more familiar to users.

  • Premiered: 04/27/16
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: TechTarget: Search Storage
Topic(s): TBA object TBA object storage TBA Storage TBA Caringo TBA Caringo Swarm TBA FileFly TBA Windows TBA NTFS TBA Network File System TBA NFS TBA scale-out TBA scale-out storage TBA Scality TBA all-flash TBA SSD TBA AFA TBA Pure Storage TBA SAN TBA elasticity TBA Data reduction TBA Encryption TBA erasure coding TBA Metadata TBA metadata engine TBA Exablox TBA OneBlox TBA latency TBA Arun Taneja TBA Amplidata TBA Cleversafe