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App-Aware Storage Evolves: Oracle ZS4-4 NAS Sees 10,000+ DB Containers

We've been following Oracle closely with their recent FS1 launch and now the roll-out a newly upgraded ZS4-4 NAS appliance. ... The performance improvements here alone make the ZS4-4 a heavy weight storage contender. Even without the amazing performance stats, the ZS4-4 is worth looking at in depth to understand the evolution of how storage in our book is going to increasingly get smarter about how to best serve downstream applications. In this case, the ZS4-4 now has direct support and visibility into how Oracle 12c "containers" are deployed within it. This pluggable database approach shares key database server overhead and can scale 5x more than just aggregating separate database instances next to each other, using much less memory as it scales. ...

  • Premiered: 12/02/14
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): Oracle ZS4 NAS