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If You Build It for Hyper-V, Will They Come?

As Hyper-V gains market share, virtualization management vendors are once again touting their multi-hypervisor platform features.

  • Premiered: 06/28/10
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): Hyper-V Virtualization Virtualization Management Vizioncore
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Hyper9 Manages at Cloud Speed and Cloud Scale

We just had an informative chat with Hyper9, a company Taneja Group has been tracking since its inception.

  • Premiered: 11/09/10
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): Hyper9 virtual infrastructures Virtualization Virtualization Management

Virtual Bridges: The Second Generation of VDI is Now

Too many desktop virtualization projects have gotten off to a rocky start. Early efforts to deploy server-hosted desktop virtualization (or VDI, for “virtual desktop infrastructure”) have often stalled under the weight of massive upfront costs and returns that never seem to materialize. Existing VDI offerings have evolved from an existing array of terminal services and hypervisor technologies, and typically require heavy lifting to integrate, customize, and optimize for a particular set of customer requirements.

A new class of solutions is now emerging that herald the second generation for VDI: comprehensive, purpose-built and turnkey offerings that combine virtualization with powerful access, security, management, and storage optimization technologies. In this profile we explore the drivers for and essential elements of second-generation VDI, and take a close look at Virtual Bridges’ VERDE solution.

Publish date: 05/09/11
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Quest VKernel vOPS Adds Intelligent Remediation and Planned Provisioning

A great recent trend in virtualization management is to intelligently integrate "analytical" functions like capacity planning with active operational processes like remediation and provisioning. Quest was probably thinking about this higher level of intelligent automation when it acquired VKernel last year.

  • Premiered: 05/30/12
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): Virtualization Virtualization Management Server Virtualization VMWare Quest vKernel