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Astute Networks improves ViSX G4 VM storage box with speed, dedupe

Astute Networks Inc. today said it will deliver its next-generation flash storage systems designed to speed performance of storage for virtual machines and virtual desktops.

  • Premiered: 08/20/12
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: TechTarget: SearchVirtualStorage.com
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Astute Networks' Flash Storage Appliance Featured in Taneja Group Report

Astute Networks, a provider of performance storage appliance deployment solutions for virtual machines, just revealed that its ViSX G4 Flash VM storage appliance has been recognized by analyst firm Taneja Group.

  • Premiered: 09/24/12
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: TMCnet.com
Topic(s): TBA Astute Networks TBA ViSX TBA G4 TBA Flash TBA Virtual Machine TBA VM

Leading Analyst Firm Names Astute ViSX Ideal Networked Flash Solution for Accelerating Performance

Astute Networks, Inc., the leading provider of Networked Flash, today announced that The Taneja Group has recognized the Astute ViSX family of all flash performance appliances as ideal solutions for the mid-market. In the Taneja Group's August 2013 report, "Astute Networked Flash ViSX: Application Performance Achieved Cost Effectively on iSCSI Networks with All-Flash Storage," the research firm recognized the Astute solution for its ability to accelerate even the most performance-challenged applications in a cost-effective and non-disruptive manner.

  • Premiered: 09/11/13
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: MarketWatch: The WSJ
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Astute Networked Flash ViSX: Application Performance Achieved Cost Effectively

In their quest to achieve better storage performance for their critical applications, mid-market customers often face a difficult quandary. Whether they have maxed out performance on their existing iSCSI arrays, or are deploying storage for a new production application, customers may find that their choices force painful compromises.

When it comes to solving immediate application performance issues, server-side flash storage can be a tempting option. Server-based flash is pragmatic and accessible, and inexpensive enough that most application owners can procure it without IT intervention. But by isolating storage in each server, such an approach breaks a company's data management strategy, and can lead to a patchwork of acceleration band-aids, one per application.

At the other end of the spectrum, customers thinking more strategically may look to a hybrid or all-flash storage array to solve their performance needs. But as many iSCSI customers have learned the hard way, the potential performance gains of flash storage can be encumbered by network speed. In addition to this performance constraint, array-based flash storage offerings tend to touch multiple application teams and involve big dollars, and may only be considered a viable option once pain points have been thoroughly and widely felt.

Fortunately for performance-challenged, iSCSI customers, there is a better alternative. Astute Networks ViSX sits in the middle, offering a broader solution than flash in the server, bust cost effective and tactically achievable as well. As an all-flash storage appliance that resides between servers and iSCSI storage arrays, ViSX complements and enhances existing iSCSI SAN environments, delivering wire-speed storage access without disrupting or forcing changes to server, virtual server, storage or application layers. Customers can invest in ViSX before their performance pain points get too big, or before they've gone down the road of breaking their infrastructure with a tactical solution.

Publish date: 08/31/13