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Taking Virtual Machine Recovery to the Next Level

I had the opportunity recently to meet with the folks from Veeam to learn about the newest release of their virtualization data protection solution, vPower v5.

  • Premiered: 10/27/10
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): Desktop Virtualization Server Virtualization Veeam Virtual Backup

Veeam Backup & Replication to Support Microsoft Hyper-V

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Veeam Software, innovative provider of VMware data protection, disaster recovery and VMware management solutions for virtual datacenter environments, today announced at Tech·Ed North America that it is adding support for Windows Server Hyper-V and Microsoft Hyper-V Server to Veeam Backup & Replication™, the leading data protection solution for virtual environments used with more than 1.5 million virtual machines (VMs) worldwide.

  • Premiered: 05/16/11
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: businesswire.com
Topic(s): TBA Veeam

From VMware to Hyper-V, Veeam Diversifies Virtualization Portfolio

When Veeam Software announced this week that it was expanding beyond VMware to offer support for Microsoft Hyper-V, the data protection firm doubled down on its commitment to become the leading provider of disaster recovery and management solutions for virtual data centers.

  • Premiered: 05/17/11
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: ServerWatch.com
Topic(s): TBA Veeam
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Scale-Out, DR and Data Protection for Small to Medium Virtualization Users

Together, Scale Computing and Veeam bring small to medium businesses a highly scalable and well protected virtual infrastructure storage solution.

  • Premiered: 03/14/12
  • Author: Jeff Byrne
Topic(s): Virtualization Data protection DR Scale Computing Veeam

Vendor Panel: Backup and Archiving in the Age of the Cloud

Backup and archiving in the age of the cloud, where we'll discuss the fundamental challenges and the emerging capabilities that are taking customers down the path of new approaches to data backup and data retention in their on-premise and/or off-premise cloud infrastructures. 

The panel will consist of leading thinkers from four vendors that represent the leading innovations for private and public cloud information protection and retention.

Jeff Boles, Taneja Group

Stephen Aldous, HP

Eric Carter, Riverbed

Mat Hamlin, Spanning

Rick Vanover, Veeam

  • Premiered: 01/30/14
  • Location: OnDemand
  • Speaker(s): Moderator: Jeff Boles
  • Sponsor(s): BrightTALK
Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Taneja Group Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): HP Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Riverbed Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Spanning Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Veeam Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Archiving Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Cloud Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Storage Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Data protection Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): DP Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Disaster Recovery Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): DR

Legacy vendors seek better footing in shifting storage landscape

Flash, virtualization, cloud storage and commodity hardware have the potential to make IT shops more efficient and large storage vendors very nervous.

  • Premiered: 10/06/14
  • Author: Arun Taneja
  • Published: Tech Target: Search Storage
Topic(s): TBA Flash TBA SSD TBA Virtualization TBA Cloud TBA Cloud Storage TBA Dell TBA HP TBA IBM TBA NetApp TBA EMC TBA AWS TBA Amazon TBA Amazon Web Services TBA Deduplication TBA Compression TBA object storage TBA Pure Storage TBA SolidFire TBA Violin Memory TBA hybrid storage TBA Hybrid Array TBA Gridstore TBA Nimble TBA Tegile TBA Tintri TBA Scality TBA Cleversafe TBA Nutanix TBA SimpliVity TBA Scale Computing

Using a Public Cloud for DR - Is it for Real?

Join us for this in-depth 60-minute roundtable hosted by Arun Taneja on using public cloud for DR. Enterprises of all sizes have started using the public cloud for some workloads. Backup and recovery and archiving are two prime examples of such workloads. But can the public cloud be used as a disaster recovery site? What are the pros and cons of such an approach? What best practices should apply? Is it only for small businesses that do not have a secondary site of their own? Or is there relevance even for larger organizations?

Ranga Rajagopalan, Director of Product Management; Symantec
Mark Campbell, CMO & CTO; Unitrends
Rick Vanover, Product Strategy Specialist; Veeam
Joshua Stenhouse, Technology Evangelist; Zerto

  • Premiered: 04/21/15
  • Location: OnDemand
  • Speaker(s): Moderator: Arun Taneja, Founder and Consulting Analyst, Taneja Group
Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Arun Taneja Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Public Cloud Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Cloud Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): DR Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Disaster Recovery Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Vendor Panel Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Symantec Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Unitrends Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Veeam Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Zerto

VeeamON 2015

VeeamON 2015 is designed to connect the world’s leading IT experts and visionaries to learn how to ensure Availability for the Modern Data Center™. VeeamON 2015 is a one-of-a-kind experience filled with inspiration, education and networking opportunities enabling you to achieve the Always-ON Business™.

  • Premiered: 10/26/15 - 10/28/15
  • Location: Aria Resort Hotel- Las Vegas, Nevada
Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): VeeamON Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Veeam Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): conference

SimpliVity launches all-flash appliance models for hyper-convergence

Far from the first to do so, SimpliVity adds all-flash hyper-converged appliances, but waited until price levels dropped to avoid investing 'too early into the buzz.'

  • Premiered: 08/23/16
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: TechTarget: Search Converged Infrastructure
Topic(s): TBA SimpliVity TBA all-flash TBA All Flash TBA hyper-converged TBA hyper-converge TBA hyper-convergence TBA AFA TBA Disaster Recovery TBA DR TBA Backup TBA OmniStack TBA Cisco TBA Unified Computing System TBA UCS TBA Compute TBA Storage TBA Virtualization TBA Lenovo TBA SSD TBA Flash TBA Data Deduplication TBA Deduplication TBA Nutanix TBA VxRack TBA VxRail TBA Pivot3 TBA vSTAC TBA HCI TBA hyperconverged infrastructure TBA HyperGrid

Data Protection in the Era of Hyperconvergence

Hyperconvergence is a rapidly growing and evolving force in the IT infrastructure space. Emerging from the factory pre-configured racking programs of the big IT equipment suppliers, it quickly morphed into a variety of VM-centric architectures where compute, storage and networking (and more) are all integrated below the hypervisor and provide a unified platform to run virtual workloads on. The questions surrounding Data Protection are many: Is a DP mechanism even needed in a distributed cluster architecture that hyperconverged platforms typically drive? What’s the role of traditional backup software and appliances? Is physical server backup still important? What’s the optimum solution for backing up a hyperconverged platform? Is there an optimum solution?

In this presentation, some of today’s leading vendors will give their take on what the intersection of Hyperconvergence and Data Protection means for the end user.

Jim Whalen, Senior Analyst & Consultant, Taneja Group

Patrick Rogers, VP Marketing & Product Management, Cohesity
Jesse St Laurent, VP of Product Strategy, SimpliVity
Joe Noonan, Director, Software Product Management, Unitrends
Rick Vanover, Director of Technical Product Marketing, Veeam

  • Premiered: 08/17/16
  • Location: OnDemand
  • Speaker(s): Jim Whalen, Taneja Group; Patrick Rogers, Cohesity; Jesse St Laurent, SimpliVity; Joe Noonan, Unitrends; Rick Vanover, Veeam
Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Jim Whalen Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Cohesity Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): SimpliVity Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Unitrends Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Veeam Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Hypervisor Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Data protection Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): hyperconverged Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): hyperconvergence Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): IT infrastructure Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Storage Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Networking Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Compute Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Virtualization

Hyper-convergence boosts data protection systems

Though hyper-convergence originally dealt only with primary storage, these days, hyper-converged systems are an essential part of your data protection toolkit.

  • Premiered: 11/04/16
  • Author: Jim Whalen
  • Published: TechTarget: Search Data Backup
Topic(s): TBA Storage TBA Data protection TBA hyperconverged TBA hyperconvergence TBA hyper-converged TBA hyper-convergence TBA Backup TBA Virtualization TBA SATA TBA SATA drives TBA Data Deduplication TBA Deduplication TBA Compression TBA Cloud TBA flat backup TBA Virtual Machine TBA VM TBA HCI TBA hyperconverged infrastructure TBA Compute TBA Unitrends TBA Veeam TBA Recovery TBA SimpliVity TBA Cohesity TBA OmniCube TBA scale-out TBA Primary Storage TBA NAS TBA flexibility

Cohesity's converged data protection platform goes ROBO

Cohesity upgraded its product line with a virtual edition appliance for converged protection in remote offices and branch offices. It also added a new hardware appliance.

  • Premiered: 02/15/17
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: TechTarget: Search Data Backup
Topic(s): TBA Cohesity TBA convergence TBA converged TBA Data protection TBA ROBO TBA Remote Office TBA Branch Office TBA Virtualization TBA Storage TBA Cohesity Data Platform TBA DataPlatform TBA hyperconverged TBA hyperconvergence TBA VMWare TBA VMware vSphere TBA vSphere TBA secondary storage TBA replication TBA Public Cloud TBA Cloud TBA unstructured data TBA Google Nearline TBA Google TBA Microsoft TBA Microsoft Azure TBA Amazon TBA Amazon S3 TBA Amazon Glacier TBA Backup TBA Archive


VeeamON 2017 is the must-attend data center Availability event. Join Veeam® in New Orleans and be on the cutting-edge. With technical, business and end user tracks, endless networking opportunities and much more, you won’t want to miss this chance to Experience Availability.

  • Premiered: 05/16/17 - 05/18/17
  • Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Veeam Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): VeeamON Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): conference
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Veeam Expands Data Protection Platform with Several Product Announcements at VeeamON 2017

The theme at VeeamON 2017 last week was “availability for the always on enterprise”. While the subject of “availability” was very familiar to attendees, the parade of announcements that followed made it clear that a new day is dawning at Veeam – one that stretches far beyond their roots in virtual data protection.


Tape Versus Disk: What Should Back Up Your Biz?

IT shops look to backup options beyond tape to manage speed, improve redundancy and reduce their IT footprints. Here’s how three SMBs got started.

  • Premiered: 05/22/17
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: BizTech Magazine
Topic(s): TBA Storage TBA Tape TBA Disk TBA Backup TBA SMB TBA Cloud TBA Data protection TBA DRaaS TBA Disaster Recovery TBA Disaster Recovery as a Service TBA tape management TBA Steve Ricketts TBA unified data management TBA Public Cloud TBA Private Cloud TBA VM TBA Virtual Machine TBA Veeam TBA replication TBA Security TBA data retention TBA secondary data TBA secondary storage TBA metadata index TBA Metadata

SoftNAS Improves Cloud Storage Price/Performance Barriers and Fulfills Its Cloud Fabric Vision

With up to 67% cost savings, SoftNAS Cloud 4 connects any kind of customer data, anywhere in the world to the cloud

  • Premiered: 07/24/18
  • Author: Jeff Kato
  • Published: BusinessWire
Topic(s): TBA SoftNAS TBA Cloud Storage TBA Cloud TBA Storage TBA Azure TBA File Storage TBA cloud file storage TBA Veeam TBA Hybrid Cloud TBA synthetic cloud TBA Data Management TBA Private Cloud TBA Public Cloud TBA Datacenter TBA Data Center TBA Hadoop TBA Redshift TBA Amazon Web Services TBA Web Services TBA SQL TBA NoSQL TBA XML TBA S3 TBA Amazon TBA FlexFiles TBA Apache TBA cloud object storage TBA Saas TBA software-defined TBA software-defined cloud