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Voltaire Announces iSCSI on Steroids - Product Profile

InfiniBand is becoming the unquestioned interconnect for high performance computing and clustered databases. It will be used extensively in the datacenters of tomorrow. To complete the picture, InfiniBand needs connectivity to shared storage. While several protocols are viable for carrying block storage traffic over the InfiniBand fabric, Voltaire’s choice of iSCSI RDMA has very interesting implications.


Publish date: 06/02/03

Cisco MDS 9124

Since its entry into the Fibre Channel switching market in 2002, Cisco has rapidly taken share from its rivals to become the market share leader at the high end of the market. To date, Cisco has competed primarily in the director-class category while competitors Brocade and McData have offered end to end product lines from directors down to 8-port fabric switches. With the release of Cisco’s MDS 9124, an 8-port switch expandable to 24 ports, Cisco has extended its MDS line to fully compete on both ends of the switch spectrum.

Publish date: 12/01/06
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Mellanox SwitchX-2 for High Performance and Cost Savings

Mellanox has taken on a new efficiency focus for large infrastructures, seeking to make them more easily deployable, manageable and more cost effective.

  • Premiered: 10/17/12
  • Author: Taneja Group
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