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Storage Decisions New York

In 2011, Storage Decisions is proud to host over 50 events in dozens of cities across the globe, each providing in-depth coverage of a singular, specific issue as it affects storage professionals.

However, our 2 day Storage Decisions Conference is still the only place you can find the industry’s BEST independent experts – as keynote speakers, the LEADING vendors in the storage space – as valued sponsors, and the MOST qualified group of storage professionals – your true peers – as attendees, all under one roof.

  • Premiered: 09/19/11 - 09/20/11
  • Location: Hilton New York
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Storage Decisions Chicago

Thanks to all the attendees, speakers and sponsors who made Storage Decisions Chicago such a success in June. The 200+ delegates enjoyed the cutting-edge content presented by our independent expert speakers -- and the networking events with the 20+ sponsors were well received by all.

This continued success is a direct reflection of the idea that now – more than ever – the free, vendor-neutral expert training we offer at our Storage Decisions events is of critical importance -- and that Storage Decisions conferences and seminars are the only events that deliver unprecedented storage expertise that’s designed to teach you how to proactively manage storage in today's difficult business climate.

  • Premiered: 06/21/11
  • Location: Hilton Chicago
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Private cloud implementation dissected, debated at Storage Decisions

NEW YORK CITY -- Cloud storage received a great deal of attention during Storage Decisions this week, with experts laying out the pros and cons of public and private storage clouds and attendees voicing concerns over price and security.

  • Premiered: 09/22/11
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: TechTarget: SearchCloudStorage.com
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Storage Decisions NSG Summit

Last year, TechTarget, the world’s leading technology media company, teamed with the National System for Geospatial Intelligence (NSG) to debut the Storage Decisions NSG Summit in metropolitan Washington DC.

The event was the first of its kind to focus exclusively on the storage and data center challenges of the intelligence community – and to do so by leveraging over 11 years’ experience hosting Storage Decisions conferences and seminars across the globe.

Over 285 IT pros and consulting contractors – all working within the various agencies in the US intelligence community – were in attendance last fall to hear advice from independent industry experts on creating and maintaining an agile storage environment that satisfies your organization's mission demands but also secures critical data. 

  • Premiered: 11/01/11 - 11/01/11
  • Location: Fairfax Virginia
  • Speaker(s): Arun Taneja
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Expert video: Storage thin provisioning to optimize capacity

In his Storage Decisions conference presentation titled "Attack of the Killer Capacity," Mike Matchett discussed different methods of capacity optimization and their benefits, including storage thin provisioning.

  • Premiered: 06/29/15
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: TechTarget: Search Storage
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