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Taming The Distributed Enterprise WAFS

In many respects, the branch office is still the “wild frontier” of enterprise IT: an uncharted, unknown territory best left to the adventurous. This frontier mentality is especially evident in the world of storage. There are over 1 million corporate branch offices in the United States, most of them utilizing some manner of file serving technology.

Publish date: 03/01/04

Taneja Group WAFS ROI White Paper

Over the past year, Taneja Group has been closely tracking the development of the Wide Area File Services (WAFS) market. Based on the level of interest from the end user community, there is now little question that this product segment solves legitimate technical and business challenges for the distributed enterprise.


Publish date: 07/01/04

Branch Office Data Consolidation Strategy: Delivering End-to-End Solutions - Solution Profile

Managing and protecting remote data islands in today’s distributed enterprise presents enormous challenges for IT staff. As a result, many companies are considering and pursuing branch office data consolidation initiatives to tame their escalating capital and operational costs. This paper will describe the benefits of branch office data consolidation, key solution requirements, and highlight EMC’s branch office data consolidation offerings.


Publish date: 02/01/05

Wide Area Data Services: Optimizing the Branch - Technology in Depth

In February 2004, Taneja Group defined the term Wide Area File Services (WAFS) to describe a group of bright young companies that were optimizing network file access across wide geographic areas. Since that term, we have continued to track the rapid evolution of various optimization challenges for the distributed enterprise, spending significant time talking with both customers and vendors.


Publish date: 05/21/05

Riverbed Introduces Enterprise Disaster Recovery Support

Riverbed has expanded WDS to include enterprise DR support, enabling the efficient and secure transport of large datasets over the WAN from one data center to another. In this profile we will spotlight the first vendor with a product offering in this expanded WDS space: Riverbed. We believe that this ability is nothing less than a breakthrough in WDS.

Publish date: 11/12/07

Riverbed Extends From Wan Optimization To Global Storage Infrastructure: Enabling Next Generation...

Riverbed and Taneja Group have identified a critical emerging challenge that limits IT performance in highly distributed customer environments: costly, complex, and hardware-heavy branch offices. Riverbed customers report that they are struggling to achieve the same level of consolidation (and cost efficiency) in their branch offices that server and storage virtualization have enabled in their datacenters. So the WAN optimization pioneer has now turned its full attention to overcoming its customers’ top barriers to further branch office consolidation. The result is the new Steelhead EX + Granite, which extends the virtual edge of the data center, combining a true “branch-office box” virtualized hardware platform with a first-of-its-kind block storage technology.

Publish date: 02/03/12
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Riverbed in the wild - will HP go to market be big?

Could a Riverbed and HP partnership on a converged infrastructure platform be the next big thing for Riverbed?

  • Premiered: 02/26/13
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): RVBD Riverbed Steelhead Granite Cloud Branch Office VDI convergence HP Acceleration

Hyper-converged vendors offer new use cases, products

Hyper-converged market systems show they are ready to branch out beyond primary storage applications. In fact, it's happening now.

  • Premiered: 04/15/16
  • Author: Arun Taneja
  • Published: TechTarget: Search Converged IT
Topic(s): TBA hyper-converged TBA hyperconverged TBA hyperconvergence TBA Primary Storage TBA Storage TBA Nutanix TBA SimpliVity TBA scale-out TBA scale-out architecture TBA converged TBA convergence TBA HPE TBA ConvergedSystem TBA NetApp TBA FlexPod TBA VCE TBA Compute TBA Hypervisor TBA Virtualization TBA Mobility TBA Cloud TBA cloud integration TBA web-scale TBA web-scale storage TBA secondary storage TBA VM TBA VM centricity TBA VM-centric TBA Virtual Machine TBA WAN Optimization