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Spectra Logic Field Study Report

Taneja Group conducted in-depth telephone interviews with 8 Spectra Logic customers, who comprised varying company sizes and industry verticals. The interviews took place over a 3-month period in early 2012. We were after deeper insight into the leading storage-related challenges these customers faced, and how Spectra Logic’s tape solutions helped them to meet these challenges.

For more information, check out these links:

Spectra Logic - Press Release: http://bit.ly/OtrZyK

Courtesy of Spectra Logic, this Field Study Report can be downloaded free here: http://bit.ly/MQDZhU

Publish date: 07/27/12
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Spectra Logic bets big on SMR disk and S3 for on-premises deep archive

Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 de-facto standard protocols may actually increase the use of on-premises archive storage rather than diminish it.