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NetApp Refreshes Product Line

On November 9, 2010, NetApp refreshed a significant portion of their hardware and several key pieces of their software, along with adding a unified connect capability over 10GbE. New or enhanced software included a minor update release to Data ONTAP and a new OnCommand Management Suite designed to present a more holistic view of the infrastructure and make purchasing optional software easier. One of the key aspects of the new release of Data ONTAP 8.0.1 is that it includes inline compression capability applied across all protocols (NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, FCoE). This capability is in addition to the dedupe function that already has been shipping for several years.

Publish date: 11/29/10

NetApp SAN Efficiency

Storage efficiency is often bandied about in realms of archive and deduplication, but storage efficiency should be front and center when it comes to the golden tier of enterprise storage – primary storage. That is after all the most expensive storage resource in the data center. The problem is, few vendors have been able to do very much about storage efficiency without messing with the IOPs, raw throughput, low latency, and controller processing power that are the most precious components of enterprise storage. NetApp claims they think different here, and because they think different, they claim the storage architecture they’ve built - that delivers unified multiprotocol single system storage across the entire family of NetApp FAS systems - can deliver efficiency beyond the competition. In this Technology Validation, we took a FAS3270 infrastructure through a series of hands-on tests that made it clear that efficiency runs deep in the NetApp storage portfolio.

Publish date: 04/25/11

Increasing Virtualization Velocity with NetApp OnCommand Balance

Why do so many virtualization implementations stall out when it comes to mission-critical applications? Why do so many important applications still run on dedicated hardware? In one word – performance. Virtualization technologies have proven incredibly powerful in helping IT deliver agile “idealized” services, and doing so by efficiently sharing expensive physical resources. But mission-critical applications bring above-average requirements for performance service quality that can greatly challenge virtualized hosting.

Maintaining good performance (as well as availability, et.al.) requires solid systems management. Hypervisor management solutions like VMware’s vCenter Operations Management Suite provide a significant advantage to virtualization administrators by centralizing and simplifying many traditionally disparate management tasks, including fundamental performance monitoring for system health and component utilization. Yet when it comes to assuring performance for mission-critical applications like transactional databases and email – the kinds of apps that depend heavily on multiple IT domains of resources – straight hypervisor-centric solutions can fall short. Solving complex cross-domain performance issues like resource contention, virtual-physical competition, and assuring sufficient “good performance” headroom can require both deeper and wider analysis capabilities.

In this paper we’ll first review a high-level management perspective of performance and capacity to explore what it takes to support mission-critical application performance service levels. We’ll examine the management strengths of the most well known hypervisor management solution – VMware’s vCenter Operations Suite - to understand the scope and limitations of its performance and capacity management capabilities. Next, we will look at how the uniquely cross-domain (storage and server, virtual and physical) model-based performance management capabilities of NetApp’s OnCommand Balance complements a solution like vCenter Operations. The resulting combination helps the virtualization admin and/or storage admin become more proactive and ultimately elevate performance management enough to reliably virtualize mission-critical applications.

Publish date: 10/29/12

Hybrid Cloud Storage Management: Overcoming the Cloud Storage Challenge

The storage management challenges with hybrid clouds derive from their distributed architecture and disparate hosting that must be viewed as a single, seamless, end-to-end system. Successful implementation of hybrid cloud storage requires having the right IT infrastructure and management solution that provides key brokering functionality across mixed storage environments.

Join us on this webinar to gain critical insight and understanding of the essential storage resource management capabilities of OnCommand Insight and how it moves beyond the basics to:

•Provide end-to-end visibility of storage resources
•Understand current workloads and determine if they can be supported cloud deployments
•Optimize the storage infrastructure
•Analyze risks, minimize downtime, and speed cloud deployment

•Mike Matchett, Senior Analyst & Consultant; Taneja Group
•Donald Bourque, Product Mgt. TME, OnCommand Insight; NetApp
•David Boland, Senior Product Marketing Manager; NetApp

  • Premiered: 01/21/15
  • Location: OnDemand
  • Speaker(s): Mike Matchett, Taneja Group; Donald Bourque, NetApp; David Boland, NetApp
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New Virtual Instruments software improves NAS, flash models

Version 5.3 of Virtual Instruments' Load DynamiX 5 software supports time-based NFSv3 workloads, eases preconditioning of flash arrays and improves the user interface.

  • Premiered: 04/19/17
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: TechTarget: Search Storage
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