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Nimbus Data Flash Storage Technology: Empowering Service Providers in the Cloud

This paper examines Nimbus Data flash storage technology, based on the company’s rich Sustainable Storage technology - including a Distributed Cache, redundant controller architecture and Nimbus HALO Storage Operating System - and shows how the offering is designed to meet cloud service provider requirements.

Publish date: 08/13/12
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Nimbus Elevates the Bar on Flash Memory Performance and Resiliency with its New Gemini Array

Nimbus Data's latest all-flash memory array delivers impressive gains in performance and resiliency, while reducing space and power requirements for both end users and service providers

  • Premiered: 08/20/12
  • Author: Jeff Byrne
Topic(s): Storage Nimbus Flash

Flash storage arrays gain features, boost capacity

New all-flash storage array models from IBM, Violin Memory and Kaminario follow trend of boosting data reduction and management features, adding higher capacity options.

  • Premiered: 07/29/14
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: Tech Target: Search Solid State Storage
Topic(s): TBA Flash TBA Storage TBA IBM TBA Violin Memory TBA Kaminario TBA All Flash TBA all flash array TBA AFA TBA Inline TBA Deduplication TBA replication TBA SSD TBA VDI TBA Virtual Desktop Infrastructure TBA Arun Taneja TBA FalconStor TBA Microsoft TBA Windows Flash Array TBA Concerto 7000 TBA 3PAR TBA HP TBA Nimbus Data TBA Nimbus TBA Pure Storage TBA Skyera TBA SolidFire TBA EMC TBA XtremeIO TBA Hitachi TBA NetApp