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EMC Buys Legato - Opinion

EMC announced today their intention of buying Legato Corporation. The deal is valued at $1.3B, based upon yesterday’s closing price of $11.76 per share for EMC shares. It is expected to close before year-end 2003. We think this is a good deal for both sides.


Publish date: 07/01/03

Legato NetWorker 7.0 & 7.1 - Product Profile

The continued growth in primary data coupled with shrinking backup windows and increasingly demanding recovery time objectives (RTO) have put tremendous pressure on IT administrators. Unfortunately, backup technology has not kept pace with the changing needs of today’s enterprise. Tape alone is no longer a sufficient backup medium for business critical applications.


Publish date: 01/01/04

Taneja Group Field Adoption Report-Quantum DX-Series

In the third quarter of 2003, Taneja Group completed a comprehensive end user analysis of next generation data protection trends, focusing on disk-based backup and restore technologies. To collect our data, we conducted interviews with 235 North American IT executives and managers. This statistically significant survey enabled Taneja Group to develop the industry’s first glimpse into the overall landscape and future trajectory of disk-based data protection.


Publish date: 06/01/04

Taneja Group Unitrends Product - Profile

For several decades, IT administrators have coped with the operational challenges of managing tape-based backup architectures. Unreliable backups and inability to perform restores have become facts of life that users have had no choice but to accept. As of late, however, appropriate and cost-effective disk-based alternatives to tape have become available to enterprises in a number of forms.


Publish date: 07/01/04

Microsoft Data Protection Server: Bringing Data Protection to the Masses - Product Profile

Few will argue that over the past several years, Microsoft has had an enormous impact on the data storage industry. Its Windows-based NAS appliances, first brought to market as its Server Appliance Kit, and now packaged as Windows Storage Server have become prevalent across the enterprise. Last year, Microsoft shipped over 50% of the total NAS units sold in the market.


Publish date: 09/01/04

ExaGrid Advanstor: Redefining Data Storage for the Mid-Market - Product Profile

ExaGrid, an emerging storage company located in Westborough, MA, is bringing to market its Advanstor product. The Advanstor Self-Protection Storage solution is positioned for the mid-range and consists of a distributed architecture that provides NAS storage for primary use and integrates a combination of backup, site disaster recovery, and tiered storage functionality out of the box.


Publish date: 11/01/04

Asigra Televaulting: Agentless Data Protection for the Distributed Enterprise - Product Profile

The continued growth of remote office data continues to pose one of the greatest challenges to enterprise IT administrators. Now more than ever, companies must deliver high levels of data protection for all of their data whether it is central or remote. Most existing enterprise backup applications, however, were not designed with the distributed enterprise in mind and have been pushed to their limits by the proliferation of remote data islands.


Publish date: 03/01/05

Quantum Introduces Optyon In-Line Data Compression for DX-Series Virtual Tape Library

With its DX-Series product line, Quantum was first to market with a virtual tape solution targeted at open systems environments. Quantum is once again demonstrating its leadership in the virtual tape category with the introduction of Optyon In-Line Data Compression Technology.


Publish date: 05/01/05

Asigra Televaulting: Enabling New Service Provider Opportunities - Solution Profile

The continued growth of remote office data continues to pose one of the greatest challenges to businesses. Now more than ever, companies must deliver high levels of data protection for all of their data whether it is central or remote. Many companies, however, lack the internal resources and personnel to go it alone and require external assistance.


Publish date: 07/01/05

Quantum’s SDLT 600A with DLTxchange: Extending the DLT Platform for the Video Market

Quantum’s DLT tape technology has become a mainstay data protection platform in the enterprise. The vendor has continuously extended the DLT feature set by introducing enhancements in manageability, diagnostics, and data reliability. Now Quantum is looking to tackle the unique challenges of the professional video market with its SDLT 600A with DLTxchange product, an extension of its SDLT 600 offering.


Publish date: 08/01/05

BakBone Software: A Rising Star in Data Protection - Company Profile

The data protection market is undergoing a major transformation. The introduction of cost-effective disk-based data protection technologies, combined with new regulatory requirements and greater internal business focus on backup and data recovery has created what Taneja Group calls a “perfect storm” in the marketplace.


Publish date: 08/01/05

Symantec/Veritas Merger Bears Fruit - Opinion

Last week Symantec announced the first joint solution born out of the merger of Veritas and Symantec. If this is an example of other solutions to arrive from the new company, we think the merger will pay off big time.


Publish date: 09/01/05

EMC Offers Practical Approach to Integrated Data Protection and Archiving - Solution Profile

Today backup and recovery consume substantial operational and capital resources and are frequently slow, cumbersome and unreliable. The Taneja Group research suggests that customers should take a step back and look more holistically at several intersecting technologies and processes that impact each other; specifically, backup, recovery, replication and archiving.


Publish date: 09/01/05

The Rise of MAID: A New Tier in Disk Storage

There is a bona fide new tier within the disk storage infrastructure that you will be hearing a lot about over the next several years: MAID. Standing for “Massive Array of Idle Disks”, MAID technologies utilize a range of advanced techniques to achieve the reliability and performance of a disk environment with the economics and density comparable to a tape environment.


Publish date: 11/01/05

Disk-Based Backup and Restore - Technology in Depth

As an established industry analyst and consulting group focused on storage and storage-centric server technologies, Taneja Group has a simple mission: to arm you with thoroughly analyzed, relevant and timely information so that you can make the best possible decision for your business. We aim to cut through the clutter and hype in order to make complex technology and products understandable, while bringing a clear perspective on the industry.


Publish date: 12/01/05

EMC NetWorker 7.3 - Product Profile

In an aggressive stance to maintain leadership, EMC just released the next version of its flagship backup and restore product and called it EMC NetWorker 7.3. This release came almost exactly a year after release 7.2, which had focused on enhanced disk support and updated backup support for Documentum and VMware. The new release adds increased security, a powerful new GUI construct and a variety of enhancements to backup to disk.


Publish date: 01/01/06

The New Discipline of Recovery Management

Historically, most data protection innovations have focused on ways to create new copies of information. All forms of backup and replication technologies are actually just increasingly clever ways to produce secondary instances of given pieces of data for protection purposes. However, in the past decade, a very real chasm started forming between how enterprises protected data versus how they were generating and utilizing it.

Publish date: 03/01/06

FalconStor and Recovery Management

As the complexity of data protection has accelerated with the introduction of disk-based solutions, we have seen an increasing focus on the value of the recovery process. This is a natural evolution, since disk platforms now provide the speed and reliability necessary to ensure that top-level applications can access the protected data sets that they need, when they need them. Of course, the ability to enable faster, reliable recovery has led to more complexity as users try to optimize their recovery schema across applications and storage platforms.

Publish date: 04/01/06

The Importance of Operational Simplicity in Selecting Disk-to-Disk Data Protection Solutions

Without question, Disk-to-Disk (D2D) backup has emerged in recent years to become a critical storage component of an enterprises’ data protection environment. With enterprises experiencing accelerating data growth rates, they typically will use tape media for long-term archives, but use disk for online and nearline backup and restores. Sensing a new
market opportunity, a multitude of vendors has responded to the lure of this enterprise market, resulting in a wide range of alternatives when it comes to D2D data protection. However, whether or not those alternatives are well suited to solve an end users’ specific D2D challenges can be difficult to ascertain.

Publish date: 05/01/07

Quantum Establishing Itself as a Formidable Player in Data De-Duplication - Opinion

Quantum has been quietly strengthening its position in the data protection market via internal development, acquisition, and pragmatic leveraging of its technology, as is evident in the area of data de-duplication. Through its acquisition of ADIC in August 2006, Quantum now has fundamental intellectual property in data de-duplication technology developed by Rocksoft, which had earlier been acquired by ADIC. While on the surface this was just one element of a much broader deal, we believe its implications go much deeper than what is visible so far.

Publish date: 05/01/07