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Taneja Group DLT Ice - Product Profile

Meeting industry specific regulatory compliance requirements for data retention and electronic records management is one of the biggest issues facing businesses and IT administrators today. Whether you are a financial services institution, hospital, or a pharmaceutical company, compliance with regulations has become an integral part of the IT strategy and a key consideration for many infrastructure purchasing decisions.


Publish date: 09/01/04

Tape is in it for the long haul

Recent Taneja Group research indicates tape technology is thriving, and that users are finding innovative and cost-effective ways of implementing tape systems.

  • Premiered: 08/08/12
  • Author: Jeff Byrne
  • Published: SearchStorageTT
Topic(s): TBA Tape TBA LTO TBA Archiving TBA Backup TBA Spectra Logic

Tape Libraries: Why, When and Where?

A technology publication that shall go unnamed posted the news last year that Amazon Glacier was a “tape-killing cloud” and that it would “devastate the [tape] industry.”

Not exactly. We do believe that smaller tape implementations are going the way of the dodo bird. Cloud backup is quickly replacing small standalone tape drives and autoloaders for daily backup, and as low-end tape equipment ages IT replaces it with cloud for long-term backup retention.

However, tape housed in mid-sized and enterprise scale libraries are growing strongly in several high-value computing and industry segments. Thus the question for IT becomes not “Should I use tape?” but “When should I invest in tape libraries?”

Publish date: 07/31/13