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Kudu Might Be Invasive: Cloudera Breaks Out Of HDFS

For the IT crowd just now getting to used to the idea of big data's HDFS (Hadoop's Distributed File System) and it's peculiarities, there is another alternative open source big data file system coming from Cloudera called Kudu. Like HDFS, Kudu is designed to be hosted across a scale-out cluster of commodity systems, but specifically intended to support more low-latency analytics. At it's heart, Kudu sits between the capabilities of HDFS and HBase to meet the growing use of interactive drill-down analytics (e.g. Impala) and the faster time-to-response Spark platform. It's a combination of on disk column store technology (for low latency queries) fronted by an in-memory write layer (for low latency updates/inserts), and fully distributed across the cluster....

  • Premiered: 01/11/16
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): Big Data Cloudera Storage Kudu MapR Teradata

Storage technologies evolve toward a data-processing platform

Emerging technologies such as containers, HCI and big data have blurred the lines between compute and storage platforms, breaking down traditional IT silos.

  • Premiered: 05/18/17
  • Author: Mike Matchett
  • Published: TechTarget: Search Data Center
Topic(s): TBA Storage TBA Big Data TBA Compute TBA HCI TBA hyperconverged TBA hyperconvergence TBA hyperconverged infrastructure TBA container TBA Mike Matchett TBA SDS TBA software-defined TBA software-defined storage TBA Data Storage TBA scale-out TBA Availability TBA convergence TBA HPE TBA SimpliVity TBA Nutanix TBA Hybrid Cloud TBA Cloud TBA server-side flash TBA Flash TBA SSD TBA Datrium TBA DriveScale TBA Igneous TBA Hadoop TBA Spark TBA HDFS