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Kashya Goes the Distance - Product Profile

Data protection technologies have basically remained unchanged for the last twenty years. For a variety of reasons, including what appears to be an unstoppable hunger for collecting more data, a 7×24×365 work environment and new uncertainties associated with the current geopolitical environment, data protection has taken on a more significant meaning than ever before.


Publish date: 10/01/03

Topio - Product Profile

Businesses entering the 21st century are facing renewed challenges to protect their data in the event of an infrastructure failure or an entire site outage. Driven by internal business requirements and external regulations, enterprises must now design and implement bulletproof disaster recovery plans.


Publish date: 01/01/04

Storactive LiveServe: Application-aware CDP will transform email management - Product Profile

Few CIOs would disagree that email has become a mission critical element in their infrastructure. Nonetheless, until recently, the data protection paradigm has lagged behind this “mission critical” reality with respect to email. Enterprise email environments should have data recovery and data protection architectures that reflect their criticality, in much the same way databases receive “special” consideration due to their mission critical status.


Publish date: 01/01/05

EMC RecoverPoint - Product Profile

We are very excited to see EMC entering the Continuous Data Protection (CDP) market with the RecoverPoint offering. Initially focused on providing Any-Point-In-Time recovery for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and file system environments, we believe RecoverPoint puts EMC in an excellent position to capitalize on one of the hottest storage trends for 2006.


Publish date: 10/01/05

EMC Replication Manager

Without any fanfare, data replicas have quietly become the lifeblood of enterprise storage infrastructures. In any given data center, a myriad of data replicas exist for every mission critical processes imaginable. For example, data protection, business continuity, testing, and environment upgrades now all depend entirely on sophisticated data replication technologies.

Publish date: 08/01/06
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Much Sizzle At EMC WORLD 2012

I spent three days at EMC World, the longest time I have ever spent on a one-vendor show. It was exhausting. And thrilling. I know most bloggers will write about the 42 products EMC announced with fanfare at the show. As will several of my team members. And that is all good. But I was more interested in where EMC is at, relative to the market and where is it heading. NetApp recently announced good numbers for the quarter but a lower forecast for the next quarter. HP announced significant layoffs, even if it is not clear how big the impact was on the storage side (we suspect little since storage is a lonely bright spot for HP). Dell's storage numbers are down quarter over quarter. Yet EMC is showing bullish numbers all around. Why is this? What magic does EMC possess that others don't? Here is the way I see it.

  • Premiered: 06/04/12
  • Author: Arun Taneja
  • Published: Taneja Blog
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