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Whiptail Invicta, Not Your Grandfather’s SSD

Invicta is a scale-out, fully SSD array that yields exceptionally high speeds for high storage IO environments.

  • Premiered: 05/08/12
  • Author: Taneja Group
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Solving the Application Performance Conundrum

As business drives the economy, so application performance drives business. Over the past few years, advancing compute power has opened up new opportunities for the digitization of business, and these new opportunities rapidly become more important than any other IT system. Today, they are redefining “Tier 1” applications in the data center. Tier 1 applications used to be a handful of critical but supporting applications – messaging, business financial, and ERP type applications. These applications are still Tier 1, but specialized applications have now become central to fundamental business execution.

Moreover, for these applications, requirements are far different, and often much more important than any traditional application. Performance makes or breaks the application, and quite possibly the business. Consider these uncomfortable scenarios: 1) A product development team hampered by slow engineering databases misses time-to-market deadlines. Outcome: Lost revenue. 2) A firm that runs statistical analysis for public healthcare organizations misses an urgent report date because of an application slowdown. Outcome: Lost reputation (and maybe lost lives). 3) A school system deploys virtual desktops but the VDIs take minutes to load. Outcome: Poor productivity and vanished educational hours. 4) A busy X-ray department stretches appointment times and misses medical deadlines as images take longer and longer to process. Outcome: Downstream malpractice suits. 

The unfortunate reality is that major bottlenecks to application performance reside in every infrastructure, and a rapidly evolving landscape of information-centric applications is turning these up every day. The shortcomings are such that businesses find themselves engaged in vicious cycles of reactive firefighting as they undertake a balancing act between limited infrastructure subsystems that are all but impossible to tune to the demands of these emerging applications.

What organizations need in this era of the new tier 1 application is a new architectural approach that can allow these applications to perform at the level the business requires. The weakest link in the architecture has long been deficiencies in how the digitized data is stored and accessed, and the deficiency is only becoming more glaring as the business’s ability to process data continues to advance at an impressive pace. In this Product in Depth, we’ll take a detailed look at application performance today, the weakest link in application performance, and a solid state solution by WHIPTAIL built on highly differentiated technology that is designed to cut straight to the heart of the biggest problem behind application performance.

Publish date: 08/14/12