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Deep and Broad - Following IO from VM through SAN with Virtual Instruments

Recently we had the pleasure to conduct an in-depth field study for Virtual Instruments in which we got to interview, without interference, six of their large enterprise customers spanning verticals including technology, manufacturing, retail, telecom, financial services and government. The results were both expected and surprising....


Achieving ROI w/Infrastructure Performance Management

Taneja Group Field Study Report - Achieving ROI with Infrastructure Performance Management—How VI Customers Drive IT Innovation, Agility and Business Alignment

Today, mission-critical IT infrastructure teams are tasked to do more than ever before to maximize utilization, minimize cost and mitigate risk—while assuring availability and performance throughout perpetual migration, consolidation and expansion cycles. In this reality, a purpose-built, vendor independent platform that continuously monitors system-wide performance throughout heterogeneous environments without bias and in real-time can be a genuine competitive advantage.

In this webcast, we’ll talk about how customers from Telco, Financial Services, Retail, Technology, Manufacturing and Government verticals achieve significant IT and business value by implementing VirtualWisdom® Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) to transform IT into a true business partner..

Join host Mike Matchett, Sr. Analyst and Consultant from the Taneja Group, and VI’s President of Customer Operations Sean Maxwell as they share customer insights on achieving ROI by:

*Demonstrably decreasing system-wide CAPEX and OPEX while getting more out of their existing assets
*Eliminating risk and troubleshooting performance slowdowns and application failures across the stack
*Aligning expenditures on server, switch and storage infrastructure with business and application requirements
*Proactively improving data center performance including mixed workloads and I/O
*Managing and monitoring multiple data centers and complex computing environments
*Creating customized dashboards and comprehensive reports on the end-to-end environment

Around the world, industry leaders in every major vertical rely on VirtualWisdom to guarantee performance and availability, quickly identify threats to service levels, and resolve their most complex performance challenges—all at a substantially lower total cost.

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  • Premiered: 09/12/13 at 10am Pacific Time (1:00pm ET)
  • Location: OnDemand
  • Speaker(s): Mike Matchett
  • Sponsor(s): Virtual Instruments
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Virtual Instruments Goes Deeper Into Storage Performance

Virtual Instruments, well-known for being able to address storage performance across infrastructure from the high to the low...has just released a denser SAN performance probe that crams 48 Fibre Channel ports into a 2U appliance...In addition to saving datacenter rack space et.al., at this density it really signals enterprises that they should implement SAN performance management on every important port....

  • Premiered: 10/08/13
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): Virtual Instruments SAN Infrastructure Performance Management IPM

Storage Infrastructure Performance Validation

Unacceptably poor performance can be a career killer and so IT generally “over-provisions” infrastructure as the rule. But how much is this approach really costing us? Today, the biggest line item in IT infrastructure spending is storage.  Even with data growth and new performance demands increasing, based on “safe” estimates we still overprovision by 50% or more which results in billions of dollars of wasted storage spending. A more important problem is that we may not be even be provisioning the right infrastructure for our application workload requirements, taking serious risks with every new investment.

Equally vital is knowing when to upgrade or refresh. Looking forward, how can anyone know when their current infrastructure will hit its inevitable “wall”? In day-to-day operations, every time a change is made to storage infrastructure, the application or the network, that change could be introducing a deeply rooted problem that might only show up under production pressure. Why do enterprises seem to proceed blindly, willingly rolling the dice when it comes to performance? Here at Taneja Group, we see an obvious correlation between risk of failure and lack of knowledge about how infrastructure responds to each application workload.

Unfortunately, enterprises too often rely on vendor benchmarks produced under ideal conditions with carefully crafted workloads that don’t reflect the real target environment. Or they might choose readily scalable systems so that in times of trouble they can always buy and deploy more resources, although this can be highly disruptive and expensive when buying on a short notice. They might architect for large virtual and cloud environments in an attempt to average out utilization and pool excess capacity for peak demand, but still without knowing how performance will degrade at the upper reaches of VM density. In contrast, we believe that IT managers must evolve from a perspective of assuming performance, to one of assuring performance.

Typical testing approaches usually involve generating workloads with heavily scripted servers used as load generators. This is an expensive, unreliable, brute force approach, only trotted out when sufficient staff, time and money is available to execute a large-scale performance evaluation. But Load DynamiX has changed that equation for storage, evolving workload modeling and performance load testing into a cost-efficient and practical continuous process. We think that Load DynamiX’s solution supports the adoption of a new best practice of proactively managing infrastructure from a position of knowledge called Infrastructure Performance Validation (IPV). 

In this report we will look at Load DynamiX’s workload modeling software and storage performance validation appliances, and walk through how IT can use them to establish effective IPV practices across the entire IT infrastructure lifecycle. We’ll examine why existing approaches to storage performance evaluation fall short and why we believe that successful storage deployments require a detailed understanding of application workload behavior. We’ll briefly review Load DynamiX’s solution to see how it addresses these challenges and uniquely enables broad adoption of IPV to the benefit of both the business and IT. We’ll look at how Load DynamiX generates accurate workload models for storage testing, a key IPV capability, and how limit testing and “what if” scenarios can be run, analyzed, and communicated for high impact. Finally, we’ll look at a range of validation scenarios, and how Load DynamiX can be leveraged to reduce risk, assure performance, and lower IT costs.

Publish date: 12/02/13

Galileo Launches Infrastructure Performance Management Webinar Series with Leading Analyst Firm

Taneja Group joins product innovators for first quarterly event on September 16 to share ‘from the trenches’ advice and expertise.

  • Premiered: 09/01/15
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: PRWeb
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Galileo Launches New IT Intelligence Dashboards to Help IT Executives and Administrators

Users Discover Insights into Entire IT Environment, Predict IT Problems, and Prevent Downtime with Enterprise and Alerting Dashboards.

  • Premiered: 10/05/15
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: Benzinga
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