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Managing It All By Reflex - Virtualization Performance, Configuration, AND Security

Deploying incremental IT management solutions can increase complexity and cost. Does Reflex Systems integrated approach offer a better way to achieve the management maturity necessary to support virtualizing mission-critical applications?

  • Premiered: 05/22/12
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): Virtualization Server Virtualization IT Management

Solving Today's Top 5 Performance Management Issues

Real-World Solutions to Help CIOs & IT Management Sleep Better

As IT pros who have been in your shoes, we know what keeps you up at night.

CIOs and IT managers today must focus not only on being transformational for their businesses, but also monitor technical performance issues that could bring businesses to their knees.

We understand the constant pressure to focus on larger, "more pressing" issues like cost-cutting, consolidation, outsourcing, research, and implementation of new technology for competitive advantage. And we know that it's not hard for the common day-to-day performance and user experience headaches caused by any data center environment to be lost in the mix.

Join us for a dynamic, "from the trenches" executive overview as we discuss how you can manage these business-critical responsibilities by optimizing infrastructure performance management. Our presenters have decades of experience managing IT data center problems and solutions, and will share best practices to help you and your team sleep better.

  • Premiered: 09/16/15
  • Location: OnDemand
  • Speaker(s): Mike Matchett, Taneja Group; Tim Conley, Galileo; Chris Churchey, Galileo
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Multiplying the Value of All Existing IT Solutions

Decades of constantly advancing computing solutions have changed the world in tremendous ways, but interestingly, the IT folks running the show have long been stuck with only piecemeal solutions for managing and optimizing all that blazing computing power. Sometimes it seems like IT is a pit crew servicing a modern racing car with nothing but axes and hammers – highly skilled but hampered by their legacy tools.

While that may be a slight exaggeration, there is a serious lack of interoperability or opportunity to create joint insight between the highly varied perspectives that individual IT tools produce (even if  each is useful in its own purpose). There simply has never been a widely adopted standard for creating, storing or sharing system management data, much less a cross-vendor way to holistically merge heterogeneously collected or produced management data together – even for the beneficial use of harried and often frustrated IT owners that might own dozens or more differently sourced system management solutions. That is until now.

OpsDataStore has brought the IT management game to a new level with an easy to deploy, centralized, intelligent – and big data enabled – management data “service”.  It readily sucks in all the lowest level, fastest streaming management data from a plethora of tools (several ready to go at GA, but easily extended to any data source), automatically and intelligently relates data from disparate sources into a single unified “agile” model, directly provides fundamental visualization and analysis, and then can serve that unified and related data back out to enlightened and newly comprehensive downstream management workflows. OpsDataStore drops in and serves as the new systems management “nexus” between formerly disparate vendor and domain management solutions. 

If you have ever been in IT, you’ve no doubt written scripts, fiddled with logfiles, created massive spreadsheets, or otherwise attempted to stitch together some larger coherent picture by marrying and merging data from two (or 18) different management data sources. The more sources you might have, the more the problem (or opportunity) grows non-linearly. OpsDataStore promises to completely fill in this gap, enabling IT to automatically multiply the value of their existing management solutions.

Publish date: 12/03/15

What options exist for IT infrastructure management services?

What kinds of as-a-service IT management options are available? Are IT management services only coming from startups, or do established management software vendors have options?

  • Premiered: 10/18/16
  • Author: Mike Matchett
  • Published: TechTarget: Search IT Operations
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