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MCS-Behind The Firewall: A Study Of The Corporate eDiscovery Buyer (Abstract Only)

Taneja Group is pleased to announce the general availability of the 2011 Taneja Group report on cor- porate buying practices for eDiscovery. This extensive 90-page Report is an invaluable resource in your marketing strategy, product planning, and competitive efforts in the challenging world of eDiscovery and Compliance.

Publish date: 07/01/11

Managing Information Explosion in Healthcare

Managing Information Explosion in Healthcare

Presented by Ashish Nadkarni, Senior Analyst and Consultant, Taneja Group

Recent social, regulatory and policy changes mean that the Healthcare Industry will face unprecedented growth in the use of electronic medical records (EMRs). This, coupled with the mandate for providers to become all electronic, means that Healthcare IT will be under tremendous pressure at least for the next decade in storing and managing the information explosion. Learn how IT can manage tiered retention of data while benefiting from the mega trends occurring in the industry today, including cloud, virtualization and mobility.

  • Premiered: 06/21/11 at PPT OnDemand
  • Location: Storage Decisions 2011 - Chicago
  • Speaker(s): Taneja Group
  • Sponsor(s): Storage Decisions 2011
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Sea Changes for IT and Ediscovery

Corporate ediscovery purchasers and influencers run the gamut of departments and disciplines. This can make selling ediscovery into the corporation a tough row to hoe unless you know your buyer extremely well. This is particularly true with the IT ediscovery buyer and influencer.

  • Premiered: 07/21/11
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: EnterpriseStorageForum.com
Topic(s): TBA IT TBA eDiscovery
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EMC VMAX SP – IT Service Providers Square in the Sights

EMC will make changes based on this year’s limited VMAX SP release but we think they are going in the right direction.

  • Premiered: 05/29/12
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): EMC VMAX SP IT Service Providers
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Quest's Not-Entirely-Serious Videos on Time Savings

Hilarious videos of personal pursuits when Quest customers save all that time.

  • Premiered: 05/30/12
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): Quest videos IT DBA Storage data

Taneja Group and Infostor: Big Data Survey 2012

Taneja Group and InfoStor jointly ran a survey asking IT managers about their big data experiences and roadmaps. We concluded that there is a great deal of uncertainty around big data: what it is, how to manage it, and if it is even in the IT domain rather than specialized application administrators.

Storing and managing large volumes of data certainly involves IT. However, “big data” is its own class: large data sets that are subjected to ongoing analytics and/or massive re-use. Some big data is structured into databases; most of it is unstructured. Big data operations continuously act upon large and growing volumes of data, which generates fast and frequent data movement between servers, networks and storage. Big data analytics in particular need fast and large feedback loops for decision-making as the specialized software tools analyze and reform data into a variety of views, reports and reformed data sets. 

IT is rarely involved at the analytics administration level, but they are very involved at the storage level. Big data needs both high capacity and high performance, which requires storage with high capacity disk and the ability to process storage IO very quickly. It must also be highly available since big data by definition is active and important data. And it should be cost-effective as well, though it will not inexpensive.

[Taneja Group discusses scale-out storage as a best practice solution to big data analytics in our report: “Big Data, Big Storage: Scale-Out NAS for Big Data Environments.” (http://bit.ly/UGCVjm)]

Publish date: 12/31/12

Optimizing Performance Across Systems and Storage: Best Practices with TeamQuest

In this paper, we’ll briefly review the challenges to assuring good performance in today’s competitive IT environment, and discuss what it takes to overcome these challenges to deploy appropriate end-to-end infrastructure and operationally deliver high-performance service levels. We’ll then introduce TeamQuest, a long-time leading vendor in IT Service Optimization who has recently expanded their world-class performance and capacity management capabilities with deep storage domain coverage. This new solution is unique in both its non-linear predictive modeling leveraged to produce application-specific performance KPIs and its comprehensive span of visibility and management that extends from applications all the way down into SAN storage systems. Ultimately, we’ll see how TeamQuest empowers IT to take full advantage of agility and efficiency solutions like infrastructure virtualization, even for the most performance-sensitive and storage-intensive applications.

For additional information, check out this Virtualization Review published article by Mike Matchett: Is Virtualization Stalled On Performance?

Publish date: 02/20/13

Taneja Group and Infostor Joint Survey: File Sharing In The Enterprise

Taneja Group and InfoStor jointly ran a survey asking IT managers about their experience with corporate file sharing. Taneja Group defines corporate file sharing as the ability to share large numbers of files between business users across networks and mobile devices.

File sharing heavily intersects with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the cloud. BYOD is the phenomenon of employees using personal mobile devices for personal and business applications and data access. File sharing as a business usage is closely associated with BYOD as end users seek to easily share files between their own and others’ multiple computing devices.

File sharing is also bound up with cloud usage. File sharing on mobile devices does not strictly require file sharing services using the cloud; basic secure sharing can be done via VPN just as one would email a file or share its pathname over the LAN. However, this solution is less than ideal for file sharing because it is poorly scalable and lacks any file sharing application functionality.

In contrast, most file sharing products use the cloud because the environment is highly scalable and delivers application functionality such as file versioning and locking. Many file sharing products also use the cloud to host a shared file repository, and most integrate with Active Directory and other SAML-based access management applications.  Given a huge growth in data files and in mobile access needs, this approach is far superior to simply sending files using VPN connections.

This is no surprise to end users, who happily use file sharing applications like Dropbox to easily share files. Yet not all file sharing applications are created equal and consumer file sharing applications can threaten corporate data security. Vendors are quickly developing business- and enterprise-level file sharing applications in response to valid concerns about file sharing security, scalability, management, usability and compliance.

These are serious questions and should be serious concerns for IT in businesses of any size. However, our survey found that although some respondents have file sharing solutions and policies already in place, many did not. Some respondents have solid short-term plans to do so but others have no plans in place. Why? Taneja Group has observed that when IT denies a need for secure file sharing in a BYOD environment, they usually lack the time, sense of urgency, executive support and/or budget to deal effectively with the problem.

For more on file collaboration/BYOD issues and vendors, download Taneja Group’s File Collaboration Landscape Market Report

Publish date: 08/21/13

Transforming Branch IT Delivery from Provisioning to Recovery

Thursday, September 19, 2013 

11am PDT / 2pm EDT 

Organizations that operate remote and branch offices are often faced with a difficult choice: deploy servers and storage close to users at the edge to ensure local performance or consolidate to the data center to ensure control and safekeeping. A new architectural approach enables IT organizations to resolve the conflict by delivering the best of both worlds – local performance in the branch delivered from the data center. 

Join Riverbed Technology for an overview and discussion with industry analyst Taneja Group as they highlight breakthroughs in storage delivery that enable organizations to present datacenter-managed storage, servers, and applications as if they’re local in remote locations. You’ll learn how to: 

Ensure control of servers, applications, and data centrally to lower costs, improve security, centralize protection, and simplify management without impacting branch user performance
Recover a remote site and resume operations in minutes from the data center over the WAN
Provision, upgrade, and patch branch systems centrally and resume operations with minimal disruption
Lower costs and transform the delivery of IT services to remote offices like many other industries have already done, including government, healthcare, retail, legal, financial, manufacturing, oil & gas, mining, government, architecture, engineering, and construction


Featured Speakers: 

Mike Matchett, Senior Analyst and Consultant, Taneja Group

Eric Carter, Director of Product Marketing,Riverbed

  • Premiered: 09/19/13 at 11:00am Pacific Time
  • Location: OnDemand
  • Speaker(s): Mike Matchett
  • Sponsor(s): Riverbed Technology
Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Riverbed Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Mike Matchett Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): storage delivery Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): IT Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): WAN Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Data Recovery Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Data protection Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Remote Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Branch Office Topic(s): TBA Topic(s): Data Center

Database performance tuning: Five ways for IT to save the day

When database performance takes a turn for the worse, IT can play the hero. There are some new ways for IT pros to tackle slowdown problems. However, one question must be addressed first: Why is it up to IT?

  • Premiered: 04/17/14
  • Author: Mike Matchett
  • Published: Tech Target: Search Data Center
Topic(s): TBA Database TBA Database Performance TBA IT TBA Optimization TBA SQL TBA NoSQL TBA Infrastructure TBA scale-up TBA scale-out TBA Active Archive TBA Archiving TBA SSD TBA Flash TBA Acceleration TBA server TBA Tokutek

IT pros get a handle on machine learning and big data

Despite its benefits, machine learning can also go very wrong. Beginners need to understand their input data, project scope and purpose, and the machine learning algorithms at work.

  • Premiered: 07/15/15
  • Author: Mike Matchett
  • Published: TechTarget: Search Data Center
Topic(s): TBA IT TBA Mike Matchett TBA Big Data TBA Machine Learning TBA predictive modeling TBA Optimization TBA scale-out TBA Apache TBA Apache Mahout TBA Apache Madlib TBA High Performance TBA High Performance Computing TBA HPC TBA storage architecture TBA Storage TBA In-Memory TBA Microsoft TBA Microsoft Azure TBA AI TBA Artificial Intelligence