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Think Technology: Data Center Infrastructure Unlocking I/O: Clearing The Path To The Cloud

Pages 54-57: Interview with Jeff Byrne and Jeff Boles, Senior Analysts at Taneja Group. Although server and storage virtualization are key enabling technologies for delivering Data Center Infrastructure on-demand and on-tap, we believe the achievement of the Cloud vision of true flexibility and agility is still a distant dream in most environments today. We believe virtual machine environments place unique demands on network infrastructure. Although virtual machines can simplify the physical server infrastructure, they add complexity to the LAN and SAN fabrics within the data center. We believe most issues preventing data centers from achieving their Cloud vision today center on the network, and more specifically at the interfaces between the server and the network and storage – a.k.a the I/O. In this white paper focused on I/O, we highlight some innovative and emerging solutions to these problems and the companies leading efforts to pioneer and evangelize these solutions.

  • Premiered: 02/10/11
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: ThinkEquity LLC
Topic(s): TBA IO virtualization TBA Cloud TBA IO TBA Server IO TBA SAN IO