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HP ConvergedSystem: Solution Positioning for HP ConvergedSystem Hyper-Converged Products

Converged infrastructure systems – the integration of compute, networking, and storage - have rapidly become the preferred foundational building block adopted by businesses of all shapes and sizes. The success of these systems has been driven by an insatiable desire to make IT simpler, faster, and more efficient. IT can no longer afford the effort and time to custom build their infrastructure from best of breed D-I-Y components. Purpose built converged infrastructure systems have been optimized for the most common IT workloads like Private Cloud, Big Data, Virtualization, Database and Desktop Virtualization (VDI).

Traditionally these converged infrastructure systems have been built using a three-tier architecture; where compute, networking and storage, integrated at the rack level gave businesses the flexibility to cover the widest range of solution workload requirements while still using well-known infrastructure components. Emerging onto the scene recently has been a more modular approach to convergence using what we term Hyper-Convergence. With hyper-convergence, the three-tier architecture has been collapsed into a single system appliance that is purpose-built for virtualization with hypervisor, compute, and storage with advanced data services all integrated into an x86 industry-standard building block.

In this paper we will examine the ideal solution environments where Hyper-Converged products have flourished. We will then give practical guidance on solution positioning for HP’s latest ConvergedSystem Hyper-Converged product offerings.

Publish date: 05/07/15

Scale Computing Radically Changes Price-Performance in the Datacenter with Fully Automated Flash

Latest HC3 Release Optimizes Hyperconvergence by Intelligently Moving Data Based on Workload Priority and Usage Patterns

  • Premiered: 05/03/16
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: MarketWired
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HPE acquires Nimble for $1B

On March 8, HPE announced it will be acquiring Nimble for approximately $1B. This acquisition comes on the heels of the acquisition of SimpliVity for $650M that closed on February 17, 2017.