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EMC announces PCIe Flash Cache--Fusion IO gets its first major competitor

In another demonstration of genuine leadership and street fighting spirit EMC announced today the availability of VFCache, otherwise known as Project Lightning. Simply put, VFCache is a 300GB SLC-flash on a PCIe card, designed to go into a server which is running an IO starved application, perhaps even after using the fastest HDDs and even array-based SSDs. Such applications are more prevalent than one might think. In fact, more and more applications have become IO-starved over the past decade as CPUs and networks have become faster and storage has improved marginally, if at all. The product is also GA at the same time.

  • Premiered: 02/06/12
  • Author: Arun Taneja
  • Published: Taneja Blog
Topic(s): VFCache EMC Fusion IO SSD Solid State Devices Application Acceleration cache

Violin Memory restrung: CEO Don Basile replaced amid stock plunge

Violin Memory's sad opening song as a public company reached a crescendo Monday, as the data-storage company fired CEO Don Basile and replaced him with its chairman, Howard Bain III.

  • Premiered: 12/16/13
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: San Jose Mercury News
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