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Flash Memory Summit 2014

Flash memory is a key technology enabling new designs for many products in the consumer, computer and enterprise markets.

The Flash Memory Summit is the only place where you will hear the people making these products happen! Network with companies and people that will create the next generation of hardware and software at the Flash Memory Summit.

  • Premiered: 08/05/14 - 08/07/14
  • Location: Santa Clara Convention Center, CA
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Notes from the lab: Flash Memory Summit 2014

I recently had the opportunity to spend three days in San Jose at the 2014 Flash Memory Summit with Arun Taneja and Jeff Byrne. After attending far too many briefings and seminars with outstanding thinkers who work for state-of-the-art companies I thought I would compile the four most interesting takeaways I got from the conference.

  • Premiered: 08/11/14
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): Flash Memory Summit Virtualization Storage Flash SSD

Diablo Technologies launches new DDR4 Memory1 module

Diablo Technologies introduces the all-flash Memory1 DDR4 module, and claims lower-cost, higher-capacity flash can replace expensive DRAM.

  • Premiered: 08/05/15
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: TechTarget: Search Solid State Storage
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Kaminario pulls ahead in the race toward an all flash data center…

Earlier this month, at the Flash Memory Summit, the buzz was about 3D TLC NAND technology which could soon produce a 16TB 2.5 inch SSD. This would greatly exceed current capacity projections for a comparably-sized HDD. Then, August 20th, Kaminario announced breakthrough pricing which promotes the concept of an all flash data center by incorporating one of the first implementations of a 3D TLC NAND SSD into its flagship product line.

  • Premiered: 08/24/15
  • Author: Jeff Kato
Topic(s): Kaminario Flash Memory Summit All Flash Flash SSD 3D TLC NAND all flash array

Flash Memory Summit 2016

Why You Should Attend:
Learn about latest developments in flash memory,
Learn to design with the latest flash chips,
Find new tools for developing flash applications,
Hear about the latest market trends
Find new ways to replace disks in applications
Identify new applications for non-volatile memory
Find new methods for reducing power consumption

  • Premiered: 08/09/16 - 08/11/16
  • Location: Santa Clara Convention Center, CA
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Large Capacity SSDs will be the tipping point for the all flash data center

The massive 15.36 TB drives that were first announced at last year’s Flash Memory Summit are now showing up in All Flash Arrays (AFAs). Both NetApp and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) have introduced these drives into their respective flagship AFAs.