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ExaGrid Advanstor: Redefining Data Storage for the Mid-Market - Product Profile

ExaGrid, an emerging storage company located in Westborough, MA, is bringing to market its Advanstor product. The Advanstor Self-Protection Storage solution is positioned for the mid-range and consists of a distributed architecture that provides NAS storage for primary use and integrates a combination of backup, site disaster recovery, and tiered storage functionality out of the box.


Publish date: 11/01/04

ExaGrid: An Intelligent Approach to Data Protection - Profile

We are now several years into the adoption phase of enterprise disk-based data protection. Over these years, we’ve seen customer knowledge rise dramatically. In our frequent discussions with end users looking to deploy this critical technology, we have learned that they now have high expectations for their disk-based solutions: IT teams demand easy integration with their existing backup infrastructures, non-disruptive scalability, capacity optimization, multi-site coverage, all coupled with a compelling ROI story.

Publish date: 06/01/06

The evolution of data deduplication technology continues

New technologies come to market as value-add features for existing mainstream products that are then later merged into these products. It's often the only way a new vendor can bring a product to market, like what happened with data deduplication technology.

  • Premiered: 04/11/13
  • Author: Arun Taneja
  • Published: Tech Target: Search Data Backup
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OneCloud Software: DR For the Masses

With the advent of server virtualization, many adopters erroneously think that disaster recovery (DR) is a problem of the past. They cite the ability of the hypervisors to replace the two most common yet imperfect DR choices: 1) infrastructure replication to a secondary replica site – fast to restore but very expensive, or 2) economical tape backup with off-site long-term storage – economical but slow to recover from.

The reality is that while server virtualization has certainly helped the industry get closer to simpler and less expensive DR products, DR still remains one of the major challenges for IT. This is especially true for applications that fall somewhere between the most mission critical where RTOs and RPOs of a few seconds is needed (and cost is often no object) and those that find RTOs and RPOs of a day or two to be adequate. Today, DR products available for these “intermediate” applications are few and far between, especially when overall cost of DR is considered.  

The missing piece so far has been a cost-effective DR solution with excellent RTO and RPO for the majority of business applications -- without requiring a secondary site. OneCloud steps into the gap by replacing that expensive site with the hyper-scale public cloud. This Profile will discuss how OneCloud works to extend the primary data center onto the cloud, and how this impacts the ease and speed of VM recovery.

Publish date: 11/19/14