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CommVault Attempts to Rise Above the Noise

After more than 2 years in development, CommVault recently unveiled Simpana v9 with a multitude of new features aimed at taking mind and marketshare away from Symantec’s NetBackup and IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager in the enterprise data protection space.

  • Premiered: 10/21/10
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): CommVault Deduplication Simpana 9

Sepaton: Growing the Green Data Center

Space-saving software technologies like de-duplication and thin provisioning are crucial to achieving the green data center, and SEPATON offers both of them. These capabilities not only serve as the foundation for the energy-efficient data center, but also increase storage-related ROI across the board.

Publish date: 11/12/07

Symantec NetBackup 5000 appliance - end to end capacity optimization for the enterprise

Opinion piece on Symantec's new deduplication appliance the NBU 5000 appliance.

Publish date: 09/30/10
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Enter Primary Storage Optimization

This is a relatively new area of endeavor for the industry. The thesis is “why not reduce storage requirements on primary storage, especially since it is the most expensive?”


Quantum's DXi8500 - The Next Step in Enterprise Deduplication

Solution Profile on the new DXi8500 Dedupe appliance from Quantum.  Quantum has long been a leading vendor of data protection storage, and a number of years ago extended a rich history of tape system innovation with a series of new disk-based data protection appliances under the product family banner of DXi™.  The family began with the introduction of several appliances that utilized Quantum’s patented variable-length deduplication technology in 2005 and followed in 2007 with the release of its flagship DXi7500 enterprise-sized system.  Since then, Quantum has continued to enhance its DXi offerings.

Publish date: 01/11/11

NetApp SAN Efficiency

Storage efficiency is often bandied about in realms of archive and deduplication, but storage efficiency should be front and center when it comes to the golden tier of enterprise storage – primary storage. That is after all the most expensive storage resource in the data center. The problem is, few vendors have been able to do very much about storage efficiency without messing with the IOPs, raw throughput, low latency, and controller processing power that are the most precious components of enterprise storage. NetApp claims they think different here, and because they think different, they claim the storage architecture they’ve built - that delivers unified multiprotocol single system storage across the entire family of NetApp FAS systems - can deliver efficiency beyond the competition. In this Technology Validation, we took a FAS3270 infrastructure through a series of hands-on tests that made it clear that efficiency runs deep in the NetApp storage portfolio.

Publish date: 04/25/11

IBM ProtecTIER: Peak Protection For Oracle Database Backups

Solutions such as IBM’s ProtecTIER make database backups far more efficient by providing high speed backup and recovery performance while reducing the amount of data landing on tape. This Solution Profile describes the benefits of using ProtecTIER deduplication solutions in an Oracle data protection environment: high ratios of deduplication and compression for Oracle records, integration with RMAN, and some of the fastest recovery times in the deduplication industry.

Publish date: 05/02/11

Global data deduplication explained

It’s no question that data deduplication is one the hottest technologies in data storage today. But even as organizations are benefitting from deduplication technology, some are beginning to worry about the proliferation of secondary disks. Could global data deduplication deliver more efficiency across large amounts of data?

  • Premiered: 03/07/11
  • Author: Arun Taneja
  • Published: TechTarget: SearchDataBackup.com
Topic(s): TBA Dedupe TBA Deduplication TBA PSO
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Revisiting Avamar and Data Domain Integration

I recently revisited Avamar 6.0/Data Domain integration. The two deduplication storage systems are better suited for different workload types, but it seemed odd that the two were not integrated before the 6.0 announcement.

  • Premiered: 07/29/11
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): EMC Avamar Deduplication Compression Oracle

Quantum Introduces First Capacity on Demand Deduplication Appliance

New DXi4601 Combines Simple, Non-Disruptive Capacity Growth With Leading Performance and Data Reduction Rates for SMBs and Remote Office Environments

  • Premiered: 10/04/11
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: MarketWire.com
Topic(s): TBA DXi4601 TBA Quantum TBA Deduplication

Taneja Group Research: Deduplication and the Innovation Race -- It Isn't Over

I think it is safe to say that data deduplication technology on the backup side has now gone mainstream. At the enterprise level we estimate that almost all companies have installed some form of data deduplication technology, even if the percentage of data under the jurisdiction of dedupe is closer to 40 percent. In other words, each enterprise has dedupe equipment, but not all backup data is yet being deduped. The reasons vary with each enterprise (importance of application, geographic isolation, limited funding, and so on). When one looks under the covers one finds that some of this deduplication is happening at the source but a large majority at a target, and more specifically, a target appliance.

  • Premiered: 12/05/11
  • Author: Arun Taneja
  • Published: EnterpriseStorageForum.com
Topic(s): TBA Backup TBA Recovery TBA Deduplication TBA Arun Taneja

Riverbed Optimization for the Cloud – Weaving together the connectivity behind the hybrid cloud

There’s little doubt today that the concept of cloud is an irresistible force that is altering the landscape upon which IT systems are built and integrated. The fact is, the cloud is already here in data centers today, as the footprint of IT has rapidly changed and is quickly becoming a mix of services drawn from both public and private clouds. Whether it is by a small degree, or a large degree, the potential of using many of this first generation of Internet-scattered, public cloud services has opportunistically drawn in many users, even within the most stoic and unchangeable of institutions. In this Solution Brief, we’ll examine how one vendor – Riverbed – is turning their technology to the integration of these cloud services with the traditional infrastructure; an area where they are particularly enabled to deliver with their rich history of optimizing connectivity and capabilities across systems scattered around the globe.

Publish date: 07/25/11

Sepaton S2100 and the Database Backup Challenge

SEPATON purpose-built the S2100 platform as the only backup appliance dedicated to managing and optimizing large database backup and recovery in enterprise environments. The SEPATON S2100 appliance serves large enterprise storage environments with high backup and recovery performance, replication, deduplication and scalable capacity. This enables enterprise IT to cost-effectively meet critical database SLAs with a single unified storage system.

Publish date: 11/22/11

Dell launches DR4000, its first backup deduplication appliance

Dell today unveiled the DR4000, the vendor’s first internally developed backup deduplication appliance. Although a late arrival in the disk backup market, Dell is looking to compete with deduplicating backup targets from EMC Data Domain, Quantum and Hewlett-Packard.

  • Premiered: 01/11/12
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: TechTarget: SearchStorage.com
Topic(s): TBA HP TBA Quantum TBA Data Domain TBA EMC TBA Arun Taneja TBA Dell TBA Deduplication TBA DR4000
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FalconStor Dedupe Redux

FalconStor's VTL could already flexibly dedupe at the current and post positions. Now VTL 7.5 has added inline capabilities to serve all three deduplication choices.

  • Premiered: 05/09/12
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): dedup Dedupe Deduplication FalconStor VTL 7.5
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SEPATON is the First Vendor to Deliver Dedupe for Multi-streamed and Multi-plexed DBs

SEPATON Cuts Cost and Complexity of Backing up Oracle & SQL Data by Becoming the First Vendor to Deliver Deduplication for Multi-streamed, Multiplexed Databases


EMC Data Domain Extended Retention Software: Meeting Needs for Long-Term Retention of Backup....

EMC Data Domain Extended Retention Software: Meeting Needs for Long-Term Retention of Backup Data on EMC Data Domain Systems

EMC extends EMC Data Domain systems with DD Extended Retention software to fulfill short-term and long-term backup storage needs by combining multiple tiers in a single appliance. This software addresses many of the challenges organizations are struggling with as they balance backup retention requirements with long-term recoverability.

Publish date: 05/21/12

SEPATON Leads Industry in Backup and Restore Performance for Large Databases

MARLBOROUGH, MA – August 13, 2012 - SEPATON, Inc., maker of the world's fastest backup and recovery solution, today announced a third-party report by Taneja Group on the industry-leading capabilities of SEPATON backup, restore, and deduplication. The report asserts that SEPATON has the only solution capable of performing byte-level deduplication on multistreamed, multiplexed databases, enabling SEPATON’s customers to have fast backup times without sacrificing capacity reductions – eliminating a significant drawback posed by competing products. As a result, Taneja Group found that SEPATON customers are able to drastically cut the cost of data protection, especially for very large databases including Oracle, SQL, and DB2 environments.

  • Premiered: 08/13/12
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: SEPATON PRESS
Topic(s): TBA Sepaton TBA Backup TBA Restore TBA Efficiency TBA Deduplication TBA Data protection

Skyera releases all-flash array for $3 per gigabyte

Startup Skyera Inc. entered the all-flash enterprise storage market today with a series of iSCSI arrays that use consumer-grade multi-level cell (MLC) NAND to bring the price to less than $3 per gigabyte. And that price is before deduplication and compression.

  • Premiered: 08/14/12
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: TechTarget: SearchSolidStateStorage
Topic(s): TBA Skyera TBA SSD TBA solid state TBA Jeff Boles TBA iSCSI TBA MLC TBA Deduplication TBA Compression

Taneja Group Reports on Sepaton

SEPATON, Inc. announced a third-party report by Taneja Group on the capabilities of its backup, restore, and deduplication. The report asserts that SEPATON has the only solution capable of performing byte-level deduplication on multistreamed, multiplexed databases, enabling SEPATON's customers to have fast backup times without sacrificing capacity reductions - eliminating a significant drawback posed by competing products.

  • Premiered: 08/22/12
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: StorageNewsletter.com
Topic(s): TBA Sepaton TBA Deduplication TBA Backup TBA Restore