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Storage Capacity Planning in a Virtual Environment

Here are some excerpts from a recent podcast I did with Todd Erickson over at SearchStorage.com.


The Importance of Advanced Storage Virtualization in Virtualized Server Environments - Solution Prof

Server virtualization has become a tried and true approach for enabling a new level of cost savings and operational efficiency in the data center. Enterprises everywhere are rapidly implementing virtualized servers in a quest for better resource utilization, simplified management, and a more flexible infrastructure. Over 85% of these virtualized servers use a SAN and a shared storage model.

Publish date: 10/31/07
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The New Challenges of Capacity Management In Virtualized Cloudy IT

When delivering good service to end-users finally became a popular IT goal, one of the big attractions of virtualization was that it enabled responsive and dynamic allocations of resources on demand. Many assumed this would alleviate the need for up front capacity planning, but now we have at least three "new" capacity management challenges...

  • Premiered: 06/11/12
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): Capacity Planning capacity and performance management Virtualization TeamQuest NetApp
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Hooked with a Non-Linear Curve - VMTurbo's Economic Approach

As a long-time capacity planner, show me a non-linear curve with a real model behind it I'll tend to bite. Predictive analysis alone would have been enough to get my attention, but VMTurbo also talks about optimizing IT from an economics perspective...

  • Premiered: 07/11/12
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): Virtualization VMWare VMTurbo Capacity Planning Optimization

Converging Hyperconvergence with Cloud: HyperGrid Rolls Out the Future of IT Today

A recent Taneja Group survey on IT infrastructure shows that Hyperconvergence is quickly becoming the preferred datacenter architecture of choice for traditionally oriented datacenters. Today well over half of IT decision-makers want to transition off legacy silo stacks of servers, storage, networking and complicated layers of integrating protocols into more seamless, more ideally cloud-like pools of easily and dynamically composable resources.

Furthermore, these IT organizations are discovering that in the transition to an on-premise modular, plug-and-play infrastructure they can also readily take advantage of hybrid cloud options and benefits. In fact, looking at it from the cloud side, HCI architectures are also attractive to many kinds of service providers who themselves desire a scalable, low OPEX infrastructure. 

The business and IT benefits of both hyperconvergence and hybrid cloud are undeniable. Who wouldn’t want better, faster, and cheaper? The IT dream for years has been to be able to host data and applications on-site as required, but when desired, transparently leverage cloud services – for cost optimization, bursting, DR, global access, mobile and web app support, etc.. Here at Taneja Group we’ve been looking for emerging solutions that demonstrate further evolution in IT architectures by further converging HyperConverged infrastructure with hybrid cloud operations.

Enter HyperGrid, a re-born Gridstore, delivering on just that vision.

Publish date: 08/31/16