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Actona Acquisition by Cisco - Opinion

On June 29th, Cisco Systems announced their intentions to acquire Actona Technologies, a leading emerging player in the Wide-Area File Services (WAFS) product category, for $82 million. Taneja Group has played an early and vocal role the emergence of this market, fully anticipating eventual M&A activity to hit WAFS players. But even we are surprised with the speedy evolution of this space represented by the Cisco-Actona deal.


Publish date: 08/01/04

Restore-Illuminator from Illuminator Inc. - Product Profile

In the past year, the data protection industry has started paying attention to two areas that have been largely ignored, historically: Applications and Recovery. The simple fact is that today, very few IT shops have insight into whether or not their applications are actually recoverable, despite millions spent on backup software.


Publish date: 09/01/05

WysDM Software: Managing Data Protection - Product Profile

Today, many enterprises harbor a dirty secret: Their data protection methods have quietly slid from a state that we might term “contained inefficiency” towards a vastly more dangerous one dominated by “uncontrolled unknowns”. In such situations, a company can be very close to a disastrous backup and recovery even and not even know it.


Publish date: 11/01/05

WysDM for FileServers - Product in Depth

Gathering useful, real-time information from heterogeneous enterprise NAS environments is a complex task. Ask any NAS administrator about one of their top criticisms and it will be visibility and control over their environment. The historical challenge has been finding a means to extract real-time information from all relevant resources: filers, networks, servers, applications, and clients. Gathering all of this cross-domain data and then making predictive insights about what they mean to a NAS system requires some sophisticated software intelligence. WysDM Software has actually tackled this challenge head-on. The company that is best known for it’s cross-domain analytics engine that provides predictive analysis to data protection environments has now extended their same engine to operate on NAS and file serving environments, as well.

Publish date: 04/01/07

Akorri BalancePoint: Cross-Domain Analytics & Capacity Management for the Virtual Data Center - Prof

Enterprise data centers are getting more complex by the day. Huge data stores, critical applications, consolidation, virtualization, and complicated interdependencies make it extremely difficult to thoroughly analyze and optimize business applications across servers, network and storage. Frequently cross-disciplinary teams formed of network storage administrators, server administrators, network administrators, DBAs, and others must attempt to manage and trouble-shoot without good (or any) insight into cross-domain structure and challenges.

Publish date: 05/01/07
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Akorri Acquisition Proves that Visibility is Valuable

The NetApp acquisition of Akorri should make the other large storage players take notice. Virtual infrastructure optimization tools are increasingly valuable, and independent vendors of them are in short supply.