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We offer services that fall in four primary categories: Analyst Subscription, I.T. End User Research, Technology Validation and Consulting. Under appropriate circumstances we also undertake additional services that are listed below as Other Services. If you are interested in any of our services, please contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

Analyst Subscription Service

The standard Analyst Subscription service is available on an annual basis to our Technology Vendor, Venture Capital and Institutional Investor clients. It is anything but a typical subscription service. In addition to getting access to the Taneja Group private client library, it provides access to our analysts for a variety of purposes throughout the year. See below for how different clients use our subscription service.

Technology Vendors typically use our Analyst Subscription service to determine if the technology they have developed has commercial potential; assistance with converting technology into products; prioritization of features; expansion into new markets; positioning the products to specific segments of the market; developing or validating a Go to Market strategy; gaining introduction to potential technology or OEM partners; end user validation; strategy validation, and so on.

We blog frequently on topics of relevance to our clients. Our blogs and columns appear in, Storage Magazine, ComputerWorld, InfoStor, Enterprise Storage Forum, Virtualization Strategy Review, and many others.

If your product idea appeals to us, we can even match you up with potential investors.

For larger projects outside the scope of the standard Analyst Subscription, Technology Vendors can engage us via Consulting Services.

All standard research we produce is available to our Technology Vendor clients for their internal use.

Venture Capital clients typically use our Analyst Subscription service to obtain access to our research and to our analysts to: understand technology trends; differences in products from different vendors; market segmentation; market size and growth; potential partners for mergers or acquisitions. The VC clients also get access to our analysts for opinions on industry events, competitive threats to their portfolio companies, and specific assistance to a portfolio company. The library of profiles and standard reports available to Technology Vendors are also available to our VC clients.

VC clients also charter us to conduct due diligence into specific technologies and companies before they make investments in those companies. We thoroughly investigate the company, technology and the products for market potential and give the client a confidential report.

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IT End User Research Service

Taneja Group conducts end user research to understand how certain products are performing, current IT issues, unmet needs, reactions to specific company’s products, budget status, future budget trends, new technology absorption rates, etc. Some studies are conducted as a matter of routine and results are made available to all our clients, others conducted by Taneja Group on behalf of a specific client or a group of clients (multi-client study). In the latter cases, the results are only made available to the sponsors. Some studies are conducted in conjunction with one or more relevant publications, others with trade associations.

Technology Vendors often engage us to conduct end user validation studies to determine the attractiveness to IT of a product idea. We also conduct end user focus groups on behalf of clients.

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Technology Validation Service (TVS)

Taneja Group can conduct Technology Validation on behalf of our Technology Vendor clients. This is a hands-on test conducted in our lab, another independent lab or the client lab, depending upon a number of factors. The results are interpreted by our analysts and a report presented to the client. Generally, our clients ask for this service when their product has significant advantages over its competitors in performance, price/performance, ease-of-use or other functionality. Third party validation makes it easier for the client to gain credibility in the market.

Please contact us or call 508-435-2556.

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Emerging Markets Forecast (EMF)

Taneja Group conducts quantitative research to determine forecasts for emerging markets only. These are used by our startup to the largest clients to determine the market potential for new technologies they create. We leave the forecasting of mature markets to other analyst firms that specialize in numbers. Our focus is on emerging markets only. These include VTL with and without Capacity Optimization (or data de-duping), Wide Area Data Services, CDP, etc… Research is conducted by analysts with years of operational experience who have conducted many technology transitions in their past roles.

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Consulting Service

Consulting Services are available to all our clients: End Users, Technology Vendors, Institutional Investors and VCs. Each client engages us for a different purpose. Some ask us for additional help beyond that available under the Analyst Subscription. These include deep competitive analysis or market sizing for a very disruptive technology. Others ask us to find them a potential buyer or a suitable partner. The list goes on. If the activity is not covered under our regularly offered services, it can be dealt with under Consulting.

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We write a variety of reports that include Opinion, Industry Article, Product Profile, Solution Profile, Technology Brief, Technology in Depth, Field Report, Product in Depth and Technology Validation Report (hands on lab testing). We also do extensive survey-based reports that we call a Multi-Client Study. Some reports are written pro-actively, others are requested by a client. Custom Consulting projects are our specialty. As are Due Diligence conducted on behalf of a Venture Capitalist. IT comes to us with questions of strategy/product or technology. Our team is capable of taking on major consulting projects or assisting with a single event, such as the launch of the company. We work closely with a vendor’s PR firm for maximum effectiveness.

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Other Services

All of our clients can engage us to speak at appropriate events (sales meetings, launch events, user group meetings and the like). We speak often at tradeshows and other industry events. We also provide Consulting Services to Institutional Investors, hedge funds managers and other Wall Street professionals.

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