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The New Best Practice of SAN TAPs


The New Best Practice of SAN TAPs
"Reduce Troubleshooting From Days To Minutes"

Is your Fibre Channel SAN infrastructure TAP'd? With your most mission critical applications running on your FC SAN and the growing use of virtualization, there has never been a greater need for comprehensive, real-time insight into your SAN infrastructure. Despite attempts by some vendors to provide limited features such as port mirroring, these practices are inadequate as they fail to see lower level interactions or provide full visibility into sessions that exceed bandwidth demands.

With all of the recent advancements in the datacenter, designing a cabling infrastructure that provides visibility into the SAN has remained fairly stagnant...until now.

The revolutionary breakthrough offered by fiber-optic network TAPs (Traffic Access Points) are being broadly adopted by enterprise datacenters across the globe as end users now depend on this inexpensive, non-intrusive and effective way of gaining full performance and utilization visibility of their SAN infrastructures.

Join David Bartoletti, Senior Analyst & Consultant, Taneja Group, Andrew Varley, Business Director of Splice, and Alex D'Anna, Director of Solutions Consulting, Virtual Instrument as they explain how such simple devices have enabled complex IT environments to reduce their SAN troubleshooting times from days to minutes.

When: Thursday, February 17, 2011
Time: 9:00 am PST; 12:00 pm EST; 5:00 pm GMT

In this webinar, we'll examine the keys to SAN visibility and how to:

Implement the right physical access to fibre-based networks
Reduce troubleshooting times from days to minutes
Obtain key perfomance metrics to measure SLAs

  • Premiered: 02/17/11 at 9:00 am PST; 12:00 pm EST; 5:00 pm GMT
  • Location: Online
  • Speaker(s): Dave Bartoletti
  • Sponsor(s): Virtual Instruments
Topic(s): Virtual Instruments SAN TAP

What’s eating your NFS performance?

In this Taneja Group Video, Jeff Boles discusses NFS in today's infrastructures, and how NFS traffic profiles have undergone significant changes in the past few years.  In turn, NFS traffic can many times eat up Network Attached Storage CPU resources, and create artificial bottlenecks long before you've made effective use of the disk and cache performance of a Filer.  Tune in for our exploration of this problem, and one answer that looks to reinvent how you're doing storage performance, without any change in how you're doing data storage.

  • Premiered: 02/02/11 at On Demand Now
  • Speaker(s): Jeff Boles
  • Sponsor(s): Alacritech
Topic(s): NFS Alacritech

Going beyond matter management with Christine Taylor

Christine Taylor, e-discovery analyst with The Taneja Group, saw a lot of energy at LegalTech NY this year, and shared her thoughts on the landscape with the E-Discovery Beat Team.

  • Premiered: 02/02/11
  • Location: LegalTech 2011 NY
  • Speaker(s): Christine Taylor
  • Sponsor(s): LegalTech NY
Topic(s): eDiscovery LegalTech NY

Movin On Up: Making the Case for Backup and Recovery in the Cloud

In this presentation, Taneja Group analyst Dave Bartoletti will share his insights, strategies and outlook on the rapidly emerging field of cloud-based data protection, including backup, recovery, replication and DR.  Attendees will learn what cloud backup means today: the essential components of a cloud backup strategy, what technologies and tools are available today and what's on the horizon, the current state of cloud storage platforms and what to expect from a cloud storage service provider, how different data protection use cases change in the cloud, and how to avoid common integration and performance problems when first deploying a cloud backup solution.

Dave will also share details of recent Taneja Group emerging market forecast research on cloud storage, which will help attendees understand the different players and where they fit in the cloud technology space.  he will explain the various ways to implement cloud backup and which vendors are showing the most innovation.  In addition, he'll lay out the essential ingredients for successful cloud backup, including network and integration considerations which are often overlooked.

  • Premiered: 01/13/11 at 4:00-4:45pm EST
  • Location: Online
  • Speaker(s): Dave Bartoletti
  • Sponsor(s): BrightTALK

I/O Performance—Solving the Application Storage Bottleneck

With today's storage technology, the capability now exists to significantly increase data throughput by reducing or eliminating I/O wait times, resulting in the highest levels of application performance. This Webinar will provide you with information and real life examples of the latest storage technology. Hear from industry experts how the latest storage technology, DRAM based block storage, can greatly improve your storage performance and data availability. By attending this Webinar you will better understand how to achieve:

  • The highest levels of data storage throughput and IOPS (IOs per second)
  • High data availability and reliability with no single point of failure
  • Significant performance improvements to critical business applications with no changes required to your application or data structures

Jeff Boles is the Senior Analyst and Director of Validation Services at The Taneja Group. Kevin Colton is the Solution Consultant at Kaminario.

  • Premiered: 10/26/10
  • Speaker(s): Jeff Boles and Kevin Colton
  • Sponsor(s): Kaminaro

Christy Burke covers ILTA 2010—Live interview with Christine Taylor, Taneja Group

Christy Burke reports live from the annual conference of the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA). During the conference, Christy interviews visitors and exhibitors and asks them about their companies, new products and impressions of ILTA. To listen to Christine's interview, click on the arrow under her name.

Christine Taylor is the Research Analyst of the Taneja Group.

  • Premiered: 08/26/10
  • Speaker(s): Christine Taylor
  • Sponsor(s): ITLA
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