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State of the Industry: Survey Reveals Barriers and Opp for Development and Testing in the Cloud

Companies are using their testing and development (Test/Dev) infrastructures more and more as a proving ground for implementing shared infrastructure and private cloud environments, according to our recent survey of senior IT managers at North American firms. Conducted in mid-to-late 2009 on behalf of Platform Computing, Inc., the survey revealed that the top challenge of running Test/Dev environments is the need to manage virtual and physical resources separately, with most respondents also indicating that virtualization on its own does not address their most important Test/Dev infrastructure challenges. The Taneja Group surveyed 83 senior IT managers across the banking, government, manufacturing, telecommunications, software, health and pharmaceutical industries. We examined current challenges of managing Test/Dev environments, as well as the opportunities for server virtualization and cloud computing solutions to address those problems.

David Bartoletti is the Senior Analyst and Consultant of The Taneja Group, and Co-Lead of the Taneja Group Virtualization Practice

  • Premiered: 03/25/10 at 11:00 AM
  • Speaker(s): David Bartoletti
  • Sponsor(s): CloudSlam 10