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SD-Chicago Presentation—Using Thin Provisioning to Your Best Advantage in the Data Center

Thin provisioning is not new, but there is still confusion about how it works and how to best use it in the data center. One reason is that no two vendors accomplish thin provisioning in the same way. Another reason is that thin provisioning serves disparate business needs ranging from capacity management to virtualization support to the green data center – and more. This variety of usages makes for a powerful technology but a confusing message. This presentation outlines the various approaches and technologies behind thin provisioning. Discover the major business needs that thin provisioning meets and find out about the major vendors in the space.

Jeff Byrne is a Senior Analyst and Consultant for the Taneja Group. Christine Taylor as an Analyst for The Taneja Group.

  • Premiered: 06/26/09
  • Speaker(s): Jeff Byrne and Christine Taylor
  • Sponsor(s): TechTarget