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Optimizing VDI Storage with VMware View: Strategies for Success

In this presentation, Taneja Group dives into the five major storage challenges in VDI environments and offers approaches to overcoming them that utilize the latest developments and strategies in storage technology. We will look at several examples of vendor solutions that can help end users to optimize storage in VDI environments and discuss the impact of VMware's View VDI product suite. We will outline one category of solutions that approach the problem from the perspective of a storage administrator, and another set of solutions - based on VMware View 3 - that approach the issues from the perspective of a virtual server administrator. Attendees will gain practical knowledge of the most effective storage strategies in new or growing virtual desktop environments.

David Bartoletti is a Senior Analyst for The Taneja Group. Jeff Byrne is a Senior Analyst and Consultant for the Taneja Group.

  • Premiered: 09/01/09
  • Speaker(s): David Bartoletti, Jeff Byrne
  • Sponsor(s): VMWorld