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How Intelligent Fabric Management Can Optimize and Accelerate System Performance

The fabric has become the backplane of the data center is the one domain with the most complete information about the infrastructure. Voltaire’s revolutionary new Unified Fabric Manager™ (UFM™) software is a powerful platform for managing scale-out computing environments and consolidated infrastructure by harnessing the traffic analysis capabilities in next generation data center fabrics including InfiniBand and converged Enhanced Ethernet (CEE). UFM software enables data center operators to efficiently monitor and operate the entire fabric, boost application performance and maximize fabric resource utilization. Join experts from Voltaire and technology analyst firm The Taneja Group, for a webinar discussing the requirements for intelligent fabric management in consolidated data centers, including an online demonstration of some of UFM software’s unique capabilities to help you optimize and boost performance of your system today.

Jeff Boles is the Senior Analyst of the The Taneja Group

  • Premiered: 03/16/10
  • Speaker(s): Jeff Boles
  • Sponsor(s): Voltaire