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eDiscovery and Email: How Legal and IT Can Jointly Reduce Costs and Risks

This webinar will help Legal and IT professionals understand how together they can decrease costs and risks for eDiscovery and email management. Listen to expert speakers discuss how you can:

  • Gain control of your email storage costs through effective management
  • Decrease costs resulting from collecting, processing and reviewing unnecessary emails in eDiscovery and investigations
  • Reduce attendant risks of dealing with email in eDiscovery and investigations
  • Obtain practical advice on implementing email retention rules and litigation preparedness policies
  • Begin to bridge the gap between Legal, Compliance, IT and Records Management departments

Christine Taylor is an Analyst at The Taneja Group. Michael Simon, Esq. is on the Technology Counsel of Stratify, an Iron Mountain Company. Susan Trombley, MLIS is the Director of Consulting Services of Iron Mountain, eRecords Practice. Adam Young is a Technical Consultant at Iron Mountain Digital

  • Premiered: 02/09/10
  • Speaker(s): Christine Taylor, Michael Simon, Susan Trombley, and Adam Young
  • Sponsor(s): Iron Mountain