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Business-Driven Virtualization: Optimizing Insight and Efficiency in the Dynamic Datacenter

Are you prepared for the next wave of virtualization? Virtualization is moving from an enabling technology into a core data infrastructure component, spanning every tier and management discipline. What primarily has been the domain of enterprise dev/test environments is now the target of business-critical application deployments, requiring more predictable service levels and faster response times than most IT organizations can support. Join us for a 40-minute presentation where you'll learn how some of virtualization's most attractive features are the same ones that make it harder to control. Specifically you'll learn: How traditional boundaries break down and mobility creates complexity. What is takes to achieve greater virtualization maturity, from clearer visibility to higher service levels. How to identify where you fit in a virtualization maturity model. The definition and benefits of a new class of virtualization infrastructure optimization solutions

Dave Bartoletti is Senior Analyst at the Taneja Group. Jonathan Reeve is the Director of Product Management at Hyper9.

  • Premiered: 12/01/09
  • Speaker(s): David Bartoletti and Jonathan Reeve
  • Sponsor(s): Hyper9