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Automated Tiering Primer: How to Implement Auto Tiering

Data storage administrators are often faced with the decision of whether or not to automatically tier their storage. While many might think it’s a good idea to quickly adopt automated tiering, it might not be the best choice, especially if you have applications that require high bandwidth and quick response times.

In this podcast interview, Ashish Nadkarni, senior analyst and consultant at Taneja Group, discusses the ins and outs of automated tiering. Find out if automated storage tiering improves storage efficiency; how to implement an automated tiering project; and the best way to determine if you should manually or automatically tier data. Finally, get pointers on when to be concerned about auto tiering gaining too much control over your environment; what environments aren’t suitable for automated storage tiering; and get the scoop on sub-LUN tiering.


To listen to this podcast, click here.

  • Premiered: 06/07/11 at OnDemand
  • Location: OnDemand
  • Speaker(s): Ashish Nadkarni
  • Sponsor(s): TechTarget Podcast sponsored by Dell Compellent
Topic(s): Automated Tiering