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eDiscovery and Email: How Legal and IT Can Jointly Reduce Costs and Risks

This webinar will help Legal and IT professionals understand how together they can decrease costs and risks for eDiscovery and email management. Listen to expert speakers discuss how you can:

  • Gain control of your email storage costs through effective management
  • Decrease costs resulting from collecting, processing and reviewing unnecessary emails in eDiscovery and investigations
  • Reduce attendant risks of dealing with email in eDiscovery and investigations
  • Obtain practical advice on implementing email retention rules and litigation preparedness policies
  • Begin to bridge the gap between Legal, Compliance, IT and Records Management departments

Christine Taylor is an Analyst at The Taneja Group. Michael Simon, Esq. is on the Technology Counsel of Stratify, an Iron Mountain Company. Susan Trombley, MLIS is the Director of Consulting Services of Iron Mountain, eRecords Practice. Adam Young is a Technical Consultant at Iron Mountain Digital

  • Premiered: 02/09/10
  • Speaker(s): Christine Taylor, Michael Simon, Susan Trombley, and Adam Young
  • Sponsor(s): Iron Mountain

Business-Driven Virtualization: Optimizing Insight and Efficiency in the Dynamic Datacenter

Are you prepared for the next wave of virtualization? Virtualization is moving from an enabling technology into a core data infrastructure component, spanning every tier and management discipline. What primarily has been the domain of enterprise dev/test environments is now the target of business-critical application deployments, requiring more predictable service levels and faster response times than most IT organizations can support. Join us for a 40-minute presentation where you'll learn how some of virtualization's most attractive features are the same ones that make it harder to control. Specifically you'll learn: How traditional boundaries break down and mobility creates complexity. What is takes to achieve greater virtualization maturity, from clearer visibility to higher service levels. How to identify where you fit in a virtualization maturity model. The definition and benefits of a new class of virtualization infrastructure optimization solutions

Dave Bartoletti is Senior Analyst at the Taneja Group. Jonathan Reeve is the Director of Product Management at Hyper9.

  • Premiered: 12/01/09
  • Speaker(s): David Bartoletti and Jonathan Reeve
  • Sponsor(s): Hyper9

Dedupe 2.0: The Benefits of Optimizing Primary and Secondary Storage

Data deduplication continues to evolve from a standalone product feature to an integrated solution across the entire storage universe. Through the evolution of data deduplication, Dedupe 2.0 is being leveraged to provide real business value with increased storage efficiencies for application data and user files in primary storage as well as data protection environments in secondary storage. This session will present an overview of the various solutions for the challenges of Primary and Secondary Storage Optimization and real-world examples of successful deployments of Dedupe 2.0.

Jeff Boles is the Senior Analyst and Consultant at the Taneja Group. Mike Ivanov is the Vice President of Marketing at Permabit. Dave Simpson is the Editor-In-Chief of Infostor.

  • Premiered: 09/24/09
  • Speaker(s): Jeff Boles, Mike Ivanov, and Dave Simpson
  • Sponsor(s): Infostor

Optimizing VDI Storage with VMware View: Strategies for Success

In this presentation, Taneja Group dives into the five major storage challenges in VDI environments and offers approaches to overcoming them that utilize the latest developments and strategies in storage technology. We will look at several examples of vendor solutions that can help end users to optimize storage in VDI environments and discuss the impact of VMware's View VDI product suite. We will outline one category of solutions that approach the problem from the perspective of a storage administrator, and another set of solutions - based on VMware View 3 - that approach the issues from the perspective of a virtual server administrator. Attendees will gain practical knowledge of the most effective storage strategies in new or growing virtual desktop environments.

David Bartoletti is a Senior Analyst for The Taneja Group. Jeff Byrne is a Senior Analyst and Consultant for the Taneja Group.

  • Premiered: 09/01/09
  • Speaker(s): David Bartoletti, Jeff Byrne
  • Sponsor(s): VMWorld

SD-Chicago Presentation—Using Thin Provisioning to Your Best Advantage in the Data Center

Thin provisioning is not new, but there is still confusion about how it works and how to best use it in the data center. One reason is that no two vendors accomplish thin provisioning in the same way. Another reason is that thin provisioning serves disparate business needs ranging from capacity management to virtualization support to the green data center – and more. This variety of usages makes for a powerful technology but a confusing message. This presentation outlines the various approaches and technologies behind thin provisioning. Discover the major business needs that thin provisioning meets and find out about the major vendors in the space.

Jeff Byrne is a Senior Analyst and Consultant for the Taneja Group. Christine Taylor as an Analyst for The Taneja Group.

  • Premiered: 06/26/09
  • Speaker(s): Jeff Byrne and Christine Taylor
  • Sponsor(s): TechTarget

Critical Considerations for Data Deduplication

As the business demand for Data Governance continues to soar, IT organizations are highly focused on the many challenges related to compliance and securing DB2 data in the System z environment. View this educational webcast to learn how data de-duplication can significantly improve your tape backup solution. Don't miss this unique opportunity to hear from The Taneja Group, an analyst firm that delivers responsible analyses and opinions on the storage and server industries. Chris Poelker, of FalconStor, also shares his expert insights on the current state of enterprise storage management and protection, and demonstrates how FalconStor's de-duplication and VTL solutions optimize storage efficiency, replication and data availability. Solution Benefits: Improve backup reliability and speed. Eliminate duplicate backup data across your enterprise. Slash storage and bandwidth costs. Simplify operations. Centralize data protection.

Arun Taneja is the Founder, President, and Consulting Analyst of the Taneja Group. Chris Poelker is the Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at FalconStor and author of Storage Area Networks for Dummies.

  • Premiered: 05/22/08
  • Speaker(s): Arun Taneja and Chris Poelker
  • Sponsor(s): Mainline Information Systems
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