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Data protection in the cloud

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Several years ago Taneja Group surveyed IT professionals about how--or if--they were using data protection in the cloud. We discovered that less than half of data center managers were backing up to the cloud. Most adopted a wait-and-see attitude, and only a few entrusted high value data to the cloud.

Fast forward to 2016. Simple cloud backup is common but cloud-based data protection options are expanding fast.  We would like to know where you are today. How many of you have adopted simple cloud backup? How many of you are going beyond traditional backup to snapshots and replication? How many of you entrust high value application recovery to the cloud, and how many have adopted cloud-based failover?

By taking this short survey, you will contribute to thought leadership work that defines where cloud-based data protection is today, and where it is going.

  • Premiered: 04/19/16
Topic(s): Data protection Cloud cloud data protection

Storage Acceleration and Performance Technologies Survey

Taneja Group recently completed a multi-client sponsored study (MCS) of storage acceleration and performance technologies in the enterprise. The research focused on how enterprise IT buyers and practitioners value different flash-driven technologies, and which approaches they're adopting to address the performance needs of particular applications and use cases. By comparing against the results of a similar study we conducted two years ago, we identified major market trends and directions, including an understanding of the core technologies and features that will dominate all-flash data centers in the future.

We received 694 completed responses to our online survey from enterprise buyers and practitioners around the world, from a range of organization sizes and industries. We then conducted in-depth phone interviews with a representative sample of the respondents, to gain additional insights into their decision making process, likes and dislikes, and planned investments going forward.

If you are suffering from storage performance issues, and/or have an interest in flash acceleration technologies and how they're being deployed, you've come to the right place. On this page, we are featuring highlights of the research findings, along with our commentary on user requirements, market trends and technology directions. We are also including links to content from our study sponsors, who are providing their own perspectives on and takeaways from the research.

If you are an enterprise user or vendor of storage technologies, we are interested in hearing from you. Please feel free to share your own experience and perspectives in the comments field below.

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  • Premiered: 07/14/15
Topic(s): Storage Performance SAPMCS

Converged Infrastructure Survey (closed)

Are you a Converged Infrastructure Customer?  Win a GoPro or $200 Amazon gift card, and Taneja Group research library access (4 minute, 14 question survey).

Taneja Group is conducting key market research on Converged Infrastructure technologies (e.g. vBlocks, Flexpods, ConvergedSystem, PureFlex, Scale Computing, Nutanix, and Simplivity).  We are looking for a few key respondents to provide their input on experience, satisfaction, and business drivers.  Will you help us out?  (This is purely for research purposes.  Your contact info will not be shared with any vendors.)

All respondents will be directed to a preliminary survey of 14 questions, and entered into a chance to win either a GoPro Silver or a $200 Amazon gift card (at the winner’s election). All qualified participants will also be provided with 6 months of access to Taneja Group’s Research library.

Based upon participant responses, we may also invite respondents to participate in a future Taneja Group Technology Research Panel.  Participation in that panel may include additional future honorariums or reward incentives.


This survey is now closed, we thank you for your participation!

  • Premiered: 05/01/14 - 06/05/14
  • Location: CLOSED
  • Speaker(s): Taneja Group
Topic(s): Converged Infrastructure