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VMware Virtual Volumes – What impact will they have on the datacenter?

Join us for a fast-paced and informative 60-minute roundtable as we discuss one of the hottest topics in the datacenter: VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes (VVOLs). VVOLs is the industry's first solution to enable native virtual machine-awareness across a broad range of SAN/NAS arrays. VVOLs will be packaged as a feature in VMware vSphere Standard Edition and above as well as in VMware vSphere ROBO editions, and is seeing a groundswell of interest from IT professionals, especially those involved in datacenter operations. The panel includes VVOL experts from four major vendors that have announced they will be implementing VVOLs into their storage. Some of the questions we will be asking them include: What immediate impact will VVOLs have on the datacenter? What should the early adopters look for in a VVOL-based storage solution? Should datacenters start to implement VVOLs right away or wait for


Tom Fenton, Senior Lab Engineer, Taneja Group
David Glynn, Technical Solutions Engineer, Dell
Eric Siebert, Worldwide Solutions Marketing Manager; HP
Joel Kaufman, VMware Technical Director; NetApp
Ben Bolles, VP Products; NexGen Storage

  • Premiered: 04/02/15
  • Location: OnDemand
  • Speaker(s): Moderator: Tom Fenton, Senior Lab Engineer, Taneja Group
Topic(s): Storage Virtualization VVOL VVOLs VMware VVOLs VMWare Datacenter Tom Fenton Vendor Panel NexGen NetApp HP Dell