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Dell’s Implementation of VMware Virtual Volumes (VVols)

Join us in a series of fast-paced and informative 60-minute webinars on vSphere Virtual Volumes (VVol). In this session, the Taneja Group will talk with David Glynn from Dell Storage. VVols is packaged as a feature in nearly all VMware vSphere Editions and is being embraced by VMware’s storage partners at an unprecedented rate. IT professionals, especially those involved in datacenter operations, are showing great interest in implementing VVol in their own environments.

The Taneja Group will discuss VVol technology with David and the impact this game-changing capability will have in the datacenter and how Dell is enabling this technology with their arrays. Attendees will be encouraged to submit their questions during the session.


David Glynn, Technical Solutions Engineer; Dell Storage

  • Premiered: 05/14/15
  • Location: OnDemand
  • Speaker(s): Moderator: Tom Fenton, Taneja Group; David Glynn, Dell Storage
Topic(s): VMWare VMware VVOLs VMware Virtual Volumes VVOL VVOLs Dell Storage Datacenter VM Virtual Machine Virtualization Tom Fenton