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Data protection in the cloud

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Several years ago Taneja Group surveyed IT professionals about how--or if--they were using data protection in the cloud. We discovered that less than half of data center managers were backing up to the cloud. Most adopted a wait-and-see attitude, and only a few entrusted high value data to the cloud.

Fast forward to 2016. Simple cloud backup is common but cloud-based data protection options are expanding fast.  We would like to know where you are today. How many of you have adopted simple cloud backup? How many of you are going beyond traditional backup to snapshots and replication? How many of you entrust high value application recovery to the cloud, and how many have adopted cloud-based failover?

By taking this short survey, you will contribute to thought leadership work that defines where cloud-based data protection is today, and where it is going.

  • Premiered: 04/19/16
Topic(s): Data protection Cloud cloud data protection