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The Value of Dell EMC Storage, Data Protection, and Converged Infrastructure
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The Value of Dell EMC Storage, Data Protection, and Converged Infrastructure

In today’s enterprise, data is the lifeblood of business, lying at the heart of new initiatives driving growth and productivity. Whether it’s a financial services firm employing AI and machine learning to better target specific consumer segments, a manufacturing company collecting and crunching millions of IoT data inputs to improve process efficiency, or a retail business analyzing real-time sales trends, every organization relies on continuously harvesting value from multiple data sources to power growth and more effectively compete. In a world in which better, smarter or quicker assessments of data can make the difference between becoming a market leader or falling behind, the strategic value of a company’s data, or “data capital”, has never been greater.

But while rapidly advancing technology innovations are enabling new opportunities to capture and drive value from data, legacy storage infrastructure is by and large failing to keep up, preventing companies from realizing the full potential of their data capital. As the volume, velocity and complexity of data continue to grow, firms are finding it challenging to effectively store and protect that data, let alone analyze and extract value from it while it’s still fresh.

To get the most value out of their growing volume of data ― structured (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP HANA and other databases) and unstructured (text files, e-mail, videos, multi-media, web pages, etc.) ― firms must choose their storage and data protection solutions carefully. Strong data security and availability capabilities are table stakes, as are robust data protection features. Buyers are demanding storage platforms with proven stability and reliability, with automated data services that are easy to manage across public and private clouds. With many organizations now looking first to the cloud to deploy their new and even some existing workloads, IT managers must have a “data first” mindset to ensure they can fully benefit from the value of their data assets.

To better understand what has motivated companies to choose Dell EMC storage and data protection solutions, we spoke with IT professionals in four different organizations, representing a range of employee counts, IT budgets and industries. To learn about each organization’s story, we examined their business needs, data center environment, and top business and IT challenges. We then explored in detail the experience each customer has had in adopting, deploying and using Dell EMC storage and data protection solutions integrated with servers and networks in Dell EMC converged infrastructure systems, and how that experience has impacted the value they’ve realized from their data. Read on to learn about each customer’s experience.

Publish date: 10/31/19