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Making The Virtual Infrastructure Non-stop: And Making Availability Efficient with Symantec’s VCS Login

Making The Virtual Infrastructure Non-stop: And Making Availability Efficient with Symantec’s VCS

The past few years have seen virtualization rapidly move into the mainstream of the data center. Today, virtualization is often the defacto standard in the data center for deployment of any application or service. This includes important operational and business systems that are the lifeblood of the business.

For mission critical systems, customers necessarily demand a broader level of services than is common among the test and development environments where virtualization often gains its foothold in the data center. It goes almost without saying that topmost in customer’s minds are issues of availability.

Availability is a spectrum of technology that offers businesses many different levels of protection – from general recoverability to uninterruptable applications. At the most fundamental level, are mechanisms that protect the data and the server beneath applications. While in the past these mechanisms have often been hardware and secondary storage systems, VMware has steadily advanced the capabilities of their vSphere virtualization offering, and it includes a long list of features – vMotion, Storage vMotion, vSphere Replication, VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager, vSphere High Availability, and vSphere Fault Tolerance. While clearly VMware is serious about the mission critical enterprise, each of these offerings have retained a VMware-specific orientation toward protecting the “compute instance”.

The challenge is that protecting a compute instance does not go far enough. It is the application that matters, and detecting VM failures may fall short of detecting and mitigating application failures.

With this in mind, Symantec has steadily advanced a range of solutions for enhancing availability protection in the virtual infrastructure. Today this includes ApplicationHA – developed in partnership with VMware – and their gold standard offering of Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) enhanced for the virtual infrastructure. We recently turned an eye toward how these solutions enhance virtual availability in a hands-on lab exercise, conducted remotely from Taneja Group Labs in Phoenix, AZ. Our conclusion: VCS is the only HA/DR solution that can monitor and recover applications on VMware that is fully compatible with typical vSphere management practices such as vMotion, Dynamic Resource Scheduler and Site Recovery Manager, and it can make a serious difference in the availability of important applications.

Publish date: 01/31/13

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