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HP IBRIX X9730 Storage – Unleashing High Value Archives Login

HP IBRIX X9730 Storage – Unleashing High Value Archives

Future-proofed archives on scale-out architectures

The IT organization has long been challenged to come up with effective strategies storing important data and content. This is fast becoming much more critical as data evolves into having more value in on-going analysis, future reference, and monetizable reuse, while simultaneously becoming increasingly surrounded by compliance and regulatory requirements. Yet each aspect of data value comes with an even bigger challenge for IT: delivering effective strategies to achieve sufficient and lasting preservation and access, over a longer period of time than ever before.

Unfortunately, it’s more common to see a revolving door process of temporary solutions that must be replaced every few years. These “solutions” are in direct opposition to crafting long-term strategies, and are also responsible for a web of complexity that creates one of the greatest management and operational costs in today’s enterprise data center. Worse yet, the data management practices that are the result of this revolving door storage approach also limit the accessibility and use of growing and aging data. In the age of increasingly critical and value laden data sets, broken storage strategies stand to break the business.

In this technology profile, we’ll look at the consequences of this broken approach in the face of a monumental shift in the value of data and content. We will consider the challenges facing an organization trying to position itself for better long-term storage and meaningful reuse of large amounts of data. We’ll examine one solution that clearly stands out in the face of these challenges – the HP IBRIX X9730 Storage, which has big data storage and high-value archiving directly in its crosshairs.

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Publish date: 07/31/12

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