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Charting a Path Toward Streamlined and Automated Data Center Operations Login

Charting a Path Toward Streamlined and Automated Data Center Operations

Companies that work with VMware to virtualize their server infrastructures tend to achieve significant benefits, such as increased resource utilization, greater infrastructure availability, and sharply reduced CAPEX costs. But with this success comes new challenges. As customers scale their environments and begin to harness the power of the cloud, management of their infrastructure and applications can become more complex and time consuming.

The findings in this paper are based on research completed in November 2014. Taneja Group polled more than 300 IT professionals, including a mix of senior managers, architects and administrators in VMware customer organizations worldwide, on the IT priorities they would like to achieve. For each of the top 2 IT initiatives that respondents identified, we learned about their key operational and business challenges, and then focused on the capabilities, products and features they plan to adopt—both today and in the future—to overcome those challenges.

Companies that use separate point tools to manage the health, capacity and performance of their environments often find these tools to be lacking, since they are rarely automated let alone integrated with each other. This forces IT to invest manual effort to fill in the capability gaps. Management becomes largely reactive, with IT lacking early visibility into app/infrastructure health issues, performance bottlenecks or capacity shortfalls. Planning becomes difficult, since managers lack the cross-domain tools, data and analytics needed to model operations and predict the future impact of changes.

Based on the results of our latest research, a subset of VMware customers are facing one or more of these challenges today. Taneja Group’s research probed VMware customers—from large enterprises to small and midsize companies and across multiple geographies and industries—on their data center operations capabilities and practices. Many companies in our survey population that face operational challenges are now looking for solutions that will help them to overcome these issues. These companies are hoping to increase operational visibility and control, improve resource utilization, and streamline monitoring and management—while also reducing CAPEX and OPEX costs.

In this paper, you will learn—based on our study findings and VMware customer experience—how you can benefit by following a proven path to streamline and automate data center operations in your own organization.

Publish date: 03/23/15

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