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Technology Validation

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Technology Validation

Evaluating the ESX4 Hypervisor and VM Density Advantage

In this Technology Validation, Taneja Group reviews the effective performance of VMware ESX 4, Hyper-V R2 (RC) and XenServer 5.5 hypervisors.  Based on our hands-on testing, VMware's ESX4 hypervisor continues to carry a marked advantage in VM density - the number of guest VMs a hypervisor can effectively host - versus the competition.  Our conclusion, VMware has a VM density advantage of 1.8:1 versus the competition, or can effectively virtualize 80% more guests, even under what we think are conditions representing aggressive workloads.  As we've reviewed before, this advantage translates into a lower total cost of acquisition for the VMware virtual infrastructure, making VMware as much as 5% to 29% cheaper than the competition.

Publish date: 09/11/09
Technology Validation

The True Cost of Server Virtualization Solutions

In this Technology Validation, Taneja Group reviews the effective performance of the Hyper-V and ESXi hypervisors.  Based on their performance, we then review the total cost of acquiring Microsoft Hyper-V plus System Center and VMware Infrastructure 3.  Based on our findings, VMware wins, with a cheaper cost of acquisition that flies in the face of common misperceptions.  VMware has an effective VM density at least 1.5:1 times greater than Microsoft Hyper-V, and comes out ahead in purchase cost by 5% to 29% when compared to Microsoft.

Publish date: 04/23/09
Technology Validation

ExaGrid: Simply State-of-the-Art D2D

In this Technology Validation, Taneja Group spent hands-on time with ExaGrid's EX-5000 D2D.  The verdict?  ExaGrid delivers straightforward, performant, scalable D2D that's all about what users should expect from a device that should make their backup infrastructure more capable.

Publish date: 07/08/08
Technology Validation

Brocade FME - Total Enterprise File Management

In March of 2008, Brocade introduced the Brocade FME, an in-band file virtualization appliance to complement the global namespace, network file management, and wide area file system technologies already in their portfolio.  Taneja Group took a detailed hands-on look at the Brocade FME with a Technology Validation that put the FME through its paces while virtualizing and moving open CIFS files.

Publish date: 03/15/08
Technology Validation

NAS Tiering and Migration with NeoPath - Testing and Validation Report

In the past 12 months, enterprise NAS users have become very aware of the beneficial impact that storage tiers and intelligent migration can have on their data center.  Based on our conversations, we find that most IT executives can now readily list the benefits of storage tiers: increased utilization rates, lower costs of ownership, online disk archiving, and streamlined data protection processes.

Publish date: 12/01/05
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