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Software Defined/Virtualized Infrastructure

Includes Software-Defined Infrastructure (compute, storage and networking), Virtual Infrastructure technologies (server virtualization, desktop virtualization, I/O virtualization), and the interplay between these technologies and traditional storage. Covers different types of Software-Defined Storage, such as Scale-out NAS, in depth.

Taneja Group has been at the forefront of assessing and characterizing virtualization and software-defined infrastructure technologies since they began to emerge in the early 2000’s. Virtualization has caused one of the most disruptive technology shifts in data center infrastructure in the last 15 years. While its basic principles may not be new, virtualization has never been so widespread, nor has it been applied to as many platforms as it is in today. Taneja Group analysts combine expert knowledge of server and storage virtualization with keen insight into their impact on all aspects of IT operations and management to give our clients the research and analysis required to take advantage of this “virtual evolution.” We focus on the interplay of server and client virtualization technologies with storage, and study the impact on performance, security and management of the IT infrastructure. Our virtualization practice covers all virtual infrastructure components: server virtualization/hypervisors, desktop/client virtualization, storage virtualization, and network and I/O virtualization.

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Optimizing Data Protection Operations in Vmware Environments

Data protection is critical for small and medium business (SMB) customers.  Evolving business and regulatory mandates are driving ever more stringent requirements in the areas of backup window, recovery point objectives (RPO), recovery time objectives (RTO), and recovery reliability.  Conventional data protection infrastructures in the SMB are still largely tape-based, and while tape is an inexpensive solution, in many cases it is not proving up to the new requirements for backup, recovery, and disaster recovery (DR).  On top of that, the SMB’s common lack of sophisticated administrative resources can make responding to these new challenges even more difficult, particularly for distributed environments. 

Publish date: 04/01/09

Iron Mountain Throws Down The Cloud-Based Solutions Gauntlet

With their introduction of VFS, Iron Mountain boasts all the financial and management advantages that other cloud based storage options offer, but differentiates itself from them by providing a true solutions orientation, with key functionality critical for managing off-site data effectively over long periods of time.  Their pedigree and domain expertise in information protection and storage add to the credibility of this "storage as a service" offering, setting a high bar for other cloud providers looking to compete at the business
solution instead of the storage infrastructure level.  This was an excellent move by Iron Mountain, and Taneja Group applauds their broad strategy in this space which offers
comprehensive options through proprietary and non-proprietary cloud-based archive services.

Publish date: 02/28/09

Insight and Management in the Virtual Infrastructure - what you can’t see can hurt you

The virtual infrastructure has rapidly grabbed a foothold in the enterprise, but has just as rapidly brought with it multiple layers of obscurity that only add to the complex problems driven by massive scale in today's data center.  The end game looks like a cloudy data center where the complex interdependencies are poorly understood, and where everything from routine management to troubleshooting becomes a massive undertaking.  What the data center needs is visibility, a way to peer into the infrastructure for diagnositics and troubleshooting, but at the same time use visibility as a proactive tool to keep performance and day to day operations inline.  Just such a set of technologies are coming onto the market, within the category of what we call Virtual Infrastructure Optimization solutions.  Join us as we take a look at why the most proactive of these tools are important, including the likes of Virtual Instruments' VirtualWisdom, Akorri's BalancePoint, BlueStripe, and others.

Publish date: 02/20/09

Akorri BalancePoint - Next Generation Data Center Visibility

Amidst ever more complex SANs, applications, servers, hypervisors and more, visibility has taken a turn for the worst - traditional solutions simply don't have good visibility through the complex layers of componentry that make up our data centers.  But times are changing, and one champion of the next generation is Akorri, with their BalancePoint solution that promises complete insight into every complication that may occur between the storage spindle and the application.  In this solution profile, we'll take a look at the challenges that lack of visibility creates for today's businesses, and how BalancePoint can improve the management of today's IT systems.

Publish date: 12/10/08

InfoStor Article Cloud-based Storage Part 2 Understanding how Cloud-based Storage fits your needs

After looking at the nature of Cloud-based Storage in part 1 of this series, in part 2, we'll dive into how Cloud-based Storage can enable new computing paradigms for the end user.

Publish date: 11/30/08
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