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Software Defined/Virtualized Infrastructure

Includes Software-Defined Infrastructure (compute, storage and networking), Virtual Infrastructure technologies (server virtualization, desktop virtualization, I/O virtualization), and the interplay between these technologies and traditional storage. Covers different types of Software-Defined Storage, such as Scale-out NAS, in depth.

Taneja Group has been at the forefront of assessing and characterizing virtualization and software-defined infrastructure technologies since they began to emerge in the early 2000’s. Virtualization has caused one of the most disruptive technology shifts in data center infrastructure in the last 15 years. While its basic principles may not be new, virtualization has never been so widespread, nor has it been applied to as many platforms as it is in today. Taneja Group analysts combine expert knowledge of server and storage virtualization with keen insight into their impact on all aspects of IT operations and management to give our clients the research and analysis required to take advantage of this “virtual evolution.” We focus on the interplay of server and client virtualization technologies with storage, and study the impact on performance, security and management of the IT infrastructure. Our virtualization practice covers all virtual infrastructure components: server virtualization/hypervisors, desktop/client virtualization, storage virtualization, and network and I/O virtualization.

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Unleashing Enterprise Storage-The requirements for enterprise storage in the cloud

Many enterprises today recognize the promising potential of the cloud, but are left questioning how they make a shift to a technology that is very different than the traditional storage practices they've built within the enterprise fold over decades of time.  Indeed, far from being able to support mission critical storage, many cloud services are about providing data access and extensibility beyond what is available in the enterprise.  But for many enterprises, this shift in architecture makes many cloud solutions a mis-match for traditional enterprise storage that could benefit from economics and capabilities in the cloud.  Is there a service out there that is more accessible for the enterprise?  We think there is.  In this solution profile, we'll take a look at the enterprise requirements for a cloud storage solution that will fill this role, and look at one of the leading enterprise providers in this space.

Publish date: 10/21/09

Accelerating Desktop Virtualization: Visbility and Insight with Liquidware Labs’ Stratusphere

Desktop virtualization is shaping up to be the next frontier in the evolution of widespread virtualization. In our view, three thorny issues have stymied desktop virtualization: costs related to server and storage consolidation, performance issues at the endpoint, and management challenges. The first of these is the focal point for a range of new virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) platform enhancements which dramatically reduce the storage footprint for virtual desktop deployments. The trickier challenge for most enterprises, however, is to determine how to offer users equivalent or better performance and application experience with a hosted virtual desktop, and how to manage that user experience without growing administration cost or headcount. Liquidware Labs has developed a novel approach that combines process and tools with leading-edge technology. The company’s Stratusphere product and related services promises to shorten the path to desktop virtualization.

Publish date: 08/21/09

Virtual Infrastructure Optimization: A Three Part Series

As virtualization is deployed in production environments, experienced users are demanding production-quality performance management and optimization technologies to maintain service levels. The Taneja Group has identified a new category of emerging technologies, labeled virtual infrastructure optimization (VIO) solutions, which aim to address these demands. This three-part series on VIO discusses Taneja Group research into how the dynamic nature of virtualization necessitates advanced performance management technologies in production environments, especially when virtual storage is involved.

Publish date: 05/29/09

Leveraging Automation to Improve DR Processes VMware SRM

VMware offers deeper recovery functionality across their virtual machine environments than any other server virtualization vendor today, and DR is no exception. VMware environments have access to VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM), a DR automation today, and DR is no exception.  VMware environments have access to VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM), a DR automation tool with rich functionality that is well integrated into the vCenter Server management paradigm.  This Solution Profile discusses the advantages of server virtualization technology offers in putting together DR configurations, with particular focus on VMware's SRM.

Publish date: 05/18/09

Virtual Instruments VirtualWisdom Solution Profile May 2009

Taneja Group has identified a new category of powerful solutions now emerging to address these demands, which we have labeled Virtual Infrastructure Optimization, or VIO. In this profile we explore the drivers for VIO in depth, establish a set of key capabilities for VIO solutions, and outline the current state of the market segment. We also examine the features and benefits of one leading solution, Virtual Instruments’ VirtualWisdom, and present a customer case study that validates the benefits that can be achieved today.

Publish date: 05/07/09

The Citrix Edge: Partner-Friendly Virtualization

Opinion piece on Citrix partnering strategies and programs in the server and desktop virtualization markets.

Publish date: 05/05/09
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