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Our practice covers eDiscovery and GRC (Governance, Records Management, and Compliance). We analyze technology and trends in these active and growing categories, and communicate their impact on the enterprise and its outside law firms.

Corporations are actively looking for technology to help them meet GRC and eDiscovery demands while controlling costs, and will demand that their outside law firms do the same. By forming interdisciplinary teams at the corporate level to research related solutions, the enterprise will help to drive technology development past specific litigation concerns. Litigation will remain the most significant pain point, but GRC benefits directly from eDiscovery-driven development and is not far behind. As analysts, we influence Legal and IT decision-makers in the enterprise as they look to eDiscovery technology tools.

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Company Profile: AccessData

Since its founding, AccessData has been a worldwide leader in computer forensics. The company developed its core technology to support cyber-security and eDiscovery markets, and has now has added industry-standard review capabilities to its eDiscovery line. The end result is an integrated architecture that enables AccessData to offer single-vendor efficiencies across the highest levels of digital forensics, cyber-security and litigation support. 

Publish date: 03/10/11

The Highly Efficient eDiscovery Process: AccessData and Summation

 AccessData acquired CT Summation in July 2010 to extend its eDiscovery platform. We believe they will be one of the success stories. AD eDiscovery already offered identification, collection, preservation, processing, analysis and early case assessment. What they lacked was a review and production platform, and they filled this gap by acquiring venerable CT Summation.

Publish date: 02/01/11

StoredIQ’s Flagship eDiscovery for SharePoint

More and more companies are using their SharePoint 2010 systems as a collaborative workspace and true content management system – and basic eDiscovery tools for SharePoint have not kept up. This is why StoredIQ is different: it has integrated its Information Intelligence Platform with SharePoint far beyond the document libraries.  

Publish date: 02/01/11

Mimecast - Cloud-Based Archiving, Security and Business Continuity for Email

Business communications have changed dramatically over the last decade where an enormous emphasis is now placed on electronic exchanges, email in particular.  From a business perspective, email is now a required process along with an acceptable, if not preferred, method of conducting business.  Email is easy, convenient, nearly instantaneous, and in today’s world of compliance, email provides a written record of communication.  This is a Product Profile on the Mimecast Unified Email Management solution.

Publish date: 11/22/10

Clearwell and Collections: Expanding the e-Discovery Platform

Clearwell has expanded their e-Discovery Platform to include Identification and Collections. Their goal is to provide a highly efficient single-product experience throughout the most demanding stages of the e-discovery process, and to enable a truly iterative workflow.

Publish date: 09/21/10

H5 and Information Governance: Lowering Risk, Lowering Cost

H5 addresses both the cost and risk of inadequate classification of information with its new product, the H5 EDGE Classifier, released earlier this year. H5 EDGE Classifier runs on top of existing search and classification systems, which lets corporations leverage their current technology investment while dramatically improving speed and accuracy rates. This Opinion will briefly explain H5 EDGE Classifier and its importance to information governance.

Publish date: 05/19/10
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